Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sir Edward Heath

I have been thinking about the news.

Well actually the news is not new really, what tends to happen is that things like this are being talked about months, years before either the police or the press act.

I don't doubt the people who have been speaking about Ted Heath being an abuser for some time.
There are a lot of survivors who have been finding their voice through social media and they have been denied, condemned, vilified even, for being abused and speaking up.
Every time the police and press very belatedly get involved, that brings both trauma and validation to the survivors.
A little bit like it was for me when the Diocese launched into the press, although in that case, I remain unheard, condemned and vilifed, but lets leave my story aside.

I noted a story a while back in a magazine, it was about Ted Heath's yacht, 'Morning Cloud'.
What interested me is that he wanted every part of that yacht destroyed without trace.

Doesn't that set alarm bells ringing? I heard the excuse that he it was because he was eccentric.
Unfortunately I have a theory it was not because he was eccentric.
I think it was to get rid of the DNA of abused and possibly drowned boys who he took out on his yacht.
Because I believe the survivors.

Unfortunately for Ted Heath, someone has gone against his wishes and preserved part of 'Morning Cloud' although I wonder if any DNA at all could be find on the salvaged part of the yacht.

I wonder if the police are going to seek out the former member of Heath's crew who has preserved the remains of 'Morning Cloud', and I wonder if that member of the crew has given the yacht a good old clean?

I have only talked with one person about this and he defended Ted Heath, to my surprise, because I have no doubts and never did.

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