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Reblogging 'Will Jersey police continue to cover up for Ted Heath?

Well, if he is dead, what would be their vested interest in continuing the cover up?
Err, well, some of the people who presumably allowed Heath access to children in Jersey are still around and in important positions in Jersey, I guess that would be the vest.

This below is a link to Cathy Fox/L. Corby's blogs on Ted Heath and Jersey police, and the article below it is me waking up from distress and adding my noisy and shaky views direct to Jersey police, usual mad style.


Dear Jersey police and fake safeguarding,

Two issues,

mindless abuser-supporting thugs that you are, there is no doubt that you have been protecting Ted Heath for many years and no-one doubts that, 
but are you aware that one of his crew preserved at least part of the 'Morning Cloud' yacht where he is alledged to have abused, and even got rid of, children, at sea? You need to get there and get the DNA before the guy wipes it, if he hasn't already.

This member of crew protests Ted Heath's innocence but has gone against his express wishes by preserving the yacht that Heath wanted 'destroyed without trace' ie he wanted the DNA destroyed without trace.

Are you going to include this yacht that has been preserved against Heath's wishes in your inquiries or is a whitewash a whitewash as usual for you corrupt private mafia?
 Don't ask me where this preserved yacht is, I do not know, and as far as I know it isn't the whole yacht, and if this man was on Heath's crew, he will have scrubbed it clean without trace anyway.
But he is still around, for you to question, which you probably wont, because you are Jersey police, corruption and protection of abuser and destroying victims is what you do.
Nonetheless, you have been made aware of this.

Serious case review:

By the way, if your whitewash 'serious case review' about my case is published, I will proceed sustained and public action against you.
I am aware that Johnson is either lying for public performance or still genuinely threatening to publish that whitewash that she created for the diocese and police's mutual programme of protecting each other from liability and it was done at the request of my abuser, Jane Fisher, who's serious misconduct destroyed me.

You can't claim it is a genuine review when I was never interviewed, you kept inaccurate records and part of Johnson's team was conflicted officer Gull who never met me but met with steel and allowed illegal access to my inaccurate records in order to aid Steel in destroying me.
Steel, judge she may be, will be sued for her report, and Johnson will be facing a harassment order as the Bishop of Winchester was and is. Evidence of the conflicted connections and the difference between what happened to me and the lies that have been written are available, as is the evidence of how this whole massive attack on me by the Diocese and their police evolved, none of it is to do with safeguarding, all of it is to do with back covering.

If it is released, as it was only another act of cover up and harassment against me by Jane Fisher and Jersey police, I will publicly take action.
Johnson already knows I intend to take her to court for claiming the police did nothing wrong when they did and writing this report with Gull and then contacting me after she wrote it to pretend to include me, so make sure she knows this.

I know who is liable for harming me and I will not allow myself to be defamed or destroyed for their failures and criminal misconduct any further. I hope that that is understood.
If I had been anyone else with learning difficulties who could not think for myself or write, I would have died under what has essentially just been years long attack on me.

And, with no mediator or anyone to support me throughout this, the fact I have held onto my life, despite suffering day and night is incredible, but I may well lose my life to your acts of harassment - whitewash reports and the resulting attacks on me in the press, which, interestingly enough, you have not seen as a safeguarding issue, total strangers attacking someone vulnerable and homeless and lying about them? Not a sound from you. No serious case review into Ian LeMarquand and Philip Bailhache's serious misconduct in dual roles in this matter? Why not?
It will make headline news if you publish anything about me, why should I live under threat of people who are supposed to protect the vulnerable?

Don't think for one minute even with the Jersey mafia ready to beat me and lock me up, that I wont come and file in Jersey against any further harm to me. It is time Johnson's threat of publishing her and Gull's engineered lies came to an end.

I know Bailhache and co have corrupted the care inquiry but I hope the inquiry realise that nothing has changed and the police have no choice now but to investigate the dead dignitaries they have protected for so long, problem is, Bailhache and LeMarquand aren't likely to die soon are they?


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