Wednesday, 29 July 2015

SOJP and my friend Buster Few-Miffs

I have heard so many lies and accusations about this that it has been on my mind to speak, I was under the full force of the Jane Fisher-Tim Dakin-Bob Hill and Julie Wallman attack when SOJP pretended they wanted to investigate the churchwarden again and after the horrific way they have treated me and the respect with which they treated my abuser, I wrote this:

sojp abuse victim bashing scheme

*********** *******


to d.mcgee

Dear Mr mcGee,

I believe you emailed me, I am not sure if you are even a real officer.

Your email was titled 'States of Jersey Police investigation' or similar.

As usual the police have completely ignored or overriden the fact that I have said not to contact me and that, if you are referring to *****, there is no inquiry.

You will be welcome to contact me about anything as soon as Dame Steel is withdrawn from harming me and as soon as it is published just what records of mine she and Philip Bailhache and others have been able to access illegally and despite me forbidding such access in Steels case. Especially as my records with your force are proven inaccurate and I have been brutalized by your officers repeatedly.

Until then, don't contact me, and remember, you know and I know that there isn't a just or fair judge in Jersey and that a reopening of the ***** case, as I presume that is what you are making contact about, would simply be an exercise in clearing him through a judicial system that offers no justice nor impartiality. There is no reason to drag me into this, and your force destroyed me for ***** and his friends, so your contact with me is traumatic and absolutely unnecessary.

I am allowed, if you try to force me to give evidence in your exercise in clearing an old boy, to produce a letter which says I am not fit to give evidence, which is the truth, I am deeply traumatized and this whole charade by dame steel and aggressive destroyal of me by the diocese of Winchester on top of what they have done previously, means that I am in a very distressed state and not fit to be dragged into court again as witness or as a scapegoat as I was previously.

Basically, why bring me into this at all? you can clear ***** for Bailhache and the rest without me being contacted or involved.

I never opened your email, I fished it out of spam, put it in the police complaint file and used the hover to get your email address.

The way the diocese have launched aggressively back into my life and used the police to harm me again is terrible, for me, the damage is done and some of it will never heal, but I have moved on and you and the diocese are dragging me back into this, even though Jane Fisher, who destroyed me used whine on and on and on about things being in the past to try to shut me up.



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