Thursday, 13 August 2015

12th Interview with HG

1. How did you communicate your complaint to the Dean, Bob Key?

I emailed him.

2. When he met you, who was present, and were notes taken?

There was just me and the Dean and his wife present. His wife took the notes. She has not long before that been sitting with the Churchwarden and his wife at an event and asked them why I wasn't sitting with them. There is a lot more to say here but I am sorry I cannot say it now.

3. When did you first contact the Bishop at the time, and what action did he take?

I contacted the Bishop after the Dean made it quite clear to me and another person that he intended to obstruct the complaint.
The Bishop, Bishop's office and safeguarding officer took no action, and this was the start of the safeguarding officer criticizing and blaming me and upholding the opinions of the people who supported the churchwarden, and this left me really ill and went on for years, leaving me destroyed.

4. Did you meet with any Bishop at any time? Who was present? Were notes taken?

The only time I met with the Bishop was too late in 2010, I had already been utterly destroyed, and a token meeting was set up by Jane Fisher against my wishes, to meet her safeguarding legislation requirements, unfortunately the whole thing was a totally sick setup, especially as I had made a formal complaint against Fisher.
I am sorry but this question makes me too sick and distressed to continue to answer. It is pure wickedness what they did with this meeting and lied about in the Korris report. After this meeting Jane Fisher had a free rein to destroy me completely.
Again, I can't say any more on this without collapsing. It makes me sick.

5. What do you think should happen if a complaint of a safeguarding nature is made about a churchwarden?

I think if anyone needs to make a complaint, they must make it directly to the police, and ignore the church who are incapable of safeguarding and usually exclude and harm the complainant in the church while protecting the abuser.
Treat abuse as a crime, the Church don't, but anyone who witnesses or experiences abuse should.
Abuse is almost a perk of the job in Church and has been for a long time, with outraged letters in the papers in response to recent clergy arrests, saying that the abuser who ruined lives is a good man and the police should be imprisoning immigrants and not 'a good man who made mistakes in his 20s and who doesn't'.

6. When arrested, were you going to Reg's Garden? Did you like Reg? Do you like his garden?

Yes, how did you know that? I was due to help with a charity event, yes I loved Reg's garden, I loved the birds, I remember being told their names and which ones could speak or which ones liked to escape or bite!

7. What do you think about Reg's Garden closing?

That's a shame, it will never be forgotten. It was a venue for so many good things, including Songs of Praise for the Romania charity. I always enjoyed that.

8. When arrested, do you think you were fairly assessed by the doctor for aspergers?

I am not sure I understand the question, I don't remember much except the police jeering and brutalizing me, and they claimed in court to have psychologically assessed me but how did they do that if I was unconscious?

9. Who told you to accept being bound over for three years?

Don't ask me about court stuff because I neither heard nor understood anything about it, all I knew is that my abuser and his supporter, the Dean, had triumphed and Jane Fisher and the Bishop had actively helped them. I do not and never will, understand the police and court stuff, only that I was treated like dirt and left so severely traumatized that I nearly didn't survive, only going on the run on the streets saved my life and I remain deeply deeply traumatized.
I was told what to plead, I understood nothing.
That destroyal of me was Jane Fisher's greatest triumph in 'unsafeguarding' when my name was in the paper and my abuser and his supporter were in their warm homes, happily sharing the news with their friends and family to discredit me.

10. Did they explain that it would mean leaving Jersey?
I don't know. 

11. Was any help given to you when you left Jersey?
No, Jane Fisher launched a full on onslaught slandering me to churches, homeless services and my old friends in my home town of Winchester, she destroyed me openly and callously in order to protect her and the Bishop's reputation, and I cannot describe to you how horrifying it was to be publicly crucified in my home town after being destroyed and imprisoned in Jersey, I have never met anyone as evil and callous as Fisher, and to make it worse she pretended to do it out of care, and then had me brutalized in front of my fellow homeless and imprisoned again for reacting to her harassment and slander of me round Winchester.

12. Do you think the church will practice proper safeguarding despite saying so?

No mate, you have gotta be joking, they don't know what the word means.

I am sorry but I can't write any more in case I suffer a collapse, thank you for the interview but it has invoked horrifying memories.

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