Friday, 14 August 2015

In The news...

As I have already blogged, Sir Philip Bailhache, the Dean's main protector and the main attack of me, using his power in the States, has been named for protecting a paedophile in Jersey.

Unfortunately, of course, this was not the only case.

And the Church of England allowed him to destroy me publicly for my abuser and the Dean. And they are claiming the Church in Jersey is a safe place!

I like Tony the Prof's blog recently, where he quotes me, and I am trying to work out where the quote comes from, I think it is from my open letter to Sir Philip Bailhache:

My open letter to Philip bailhache:

And yes, reading through this, Tony has obviously read my letter to Bailhache and plucked that quote from there.

Anyway, I must go back to following the Janner case, and doing my university prep, and waiting to hear if the joyful arrival of a new baby has occured as well.

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