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Lies that Bishop Willmott tells us

Dear Church of England,

Stupid comment of the year goes to Juliet Montague's former sweetheart, Bishop Trevor Willmott, another insult to church abuse victims of all kinds in Jersey. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-jersey-33859507

This is the Bishop who blatantly took part in cult games to manipulate vulnerable people in Jersey at a Church services at St. Pauls and St. Matthews.

During the last year a clergyman has had an affair with his lay reader in Jersey and left, leaving her to face the usual community shunning, several potentially serious safeguarding issues have occured within the Jersey churches, no resolution or conclusion regarding my complaints have been made, and I have been left vilified and destroyed. So why has Bishop Wilmott spat on Jesus by lying?

It would be nice if Trevor Willmott would do a Tim Dakin and shut his loud mouth on the kind of permenant basis that Dakin has.

Who is Willmott referring to as God's people? Not the vulnerable, who remain marginalised in all churches more so in Jersey, presumably he is referring to the fat rich men who pay his wages, but he, the same as Paul Butler, should just be quiet and not mock people who have been harmed by the Jersey churches and safeguarding failures by the Diocese of Winchester, including myself, and numerous others who have contacted me.
The church, when they open their mouths in the press, do the following: bray like donkeys, lie like logs, and play for the crowd. Unfortunately they always without exception manage to insult, lie and do everything Jesus told the Pharisees was wrong.

Could Bishop Willmott explain why Gavin Ashenden is still unashamedly attacking the vulnerable, and Muslims and gay people, and anyone who doesn't do it his way, and making out that mental illness is something where he can publicly cast out demons in order to get acclaim. So who are God's people who Bishop Willmott believes to be safe? Presumably he is stating that he is protecting the Dean, Ashenden, Birt, LeMarquand, LeFeuvre, and all others who have behaved horrifyingly in attacking me in the press and church during the past few years? Given his own behaviour, maybe he really believes that these are 'God's people' seeing as they pay his wages. No mention of how they have behaved and how the church have or haven't dealt with it. 
Stop misleading people.

'God's people' or rather the rich fat old men, will not ever care about safeguarding, did Paul Butler write Trevor Willmott's lines? Was Trevor too busy smooching with a married vicar somewhere?
Julie used to love coming home and telling us about Bishop Trevor's crush on her. She called him Bishop Treasure, and he was one of a number of men she shared affection with during her sham marriage to a serial abuser, which again, the church destroyed me for.

And until Bishop Willmott has arranged a proper independent safeguarding report and issued a proper apology for the Korris-Gladwin-Steel-Johnstone whitewash., the best thing he can do is redact his blatant lie in the press today and start actually doing something about safeguarding.

Unfortunately the Church still don't know what safeguarding is? Does it make them rich and powerful? No, does it make them feel good about themselves? No, so why should they care?

Obviously as I continue to see silly, crass and insulting lies in the press, the Church has not in three years been able to resolve their destroyal of me as a result of leaving me in the hands of known abusers, knowingly, and refusing to deal with my complaint. 
They further have not been able to resolve a prolonged and very serious public attack on me by the Diocese of Winchester and Deanery of Jersey combined, a prolonged attack in the press and media, local and national that nearly drove me to death, while Bishops Dakin and Willmott stood by, Bishop Dakin joined in the attack as well.

Bishop Willmott shouldn't be expending energy on wickedness such as upholding the wrongdoers in Jersey, he and the whole church should be responding to their utterly devastating branding and defamation of me to protect men with power and money.

Would someone like to put the Dakin Gag on 'Bishop Treasure' or is it time for him to face action too? Oh don't worry, not Mark Hedley, who's aim in life is the same as Willmotts, to destroy the silenced and uphold the powerful wrongdoers.

It's called lying, Bishop Willmott, I know it is a way of life for the Church of England, lying at the expense of the vulnerable, and Paul Butler has done so spectacularly and regularly for quite a time.

The Diocese of Winchester are still employing an abuser who has broken the law, as a Safeguarding Director! A woman who not only let a known abuser to get his hands on me, but blamed me for that and the way I was treated by the church as a reaction, leaving me very very ill with depression, so how has anything changed???
Every day that the church continue to leave me waiting to be destroyed by defamatory whitewashes and add insult to injury by lies like those of Bishop Willmott today, is a day that the church continues to protect abusers and destroy victims, nothing has changed, and with spin-doctor butler protecting Jane Fisher, when will things change?

A big 'liar liar, pants on fire' to Bishop Willmott, the only people who are 'safe' in the church  to publicly attack abuse victims are the wealthy and powerful men in Jersey, Philip Bailhache, David Capps, Gerard leFeuvre, Gavin Ashenden, Michael Birt, and the rest of them, with their colleague Dame Steel.

Now when is there to be an independent investigation into my case, one that includes me?
In the meantime, stop LYING about safeguarding and stop LYING in the PRESS, I remain deeply deeply traumatised and destroyed by your actions and what you have done in leaving me suffering and waiting for each new press attack is wickedness, and it is time for an outside investigation. It is time for a genuine serious case review into jane Fisher's manipulation and use of social services and the police to harm and silence me.
There has been no conclusion for me, no resolution, the church destroyed me, then they came back and destroyed me again, and have left me ill from living waiting for each new attack after the horrendous lies about me in the press. No Bishop trevor, you presumably do not consider me to be one of 'God's people' but that is presumably because the poor and vulnerable aren't considered to be that by the wealthy and powerful who run the church to meet their own needs, so you do not consider me, or other vulnerable people to be 'God's people' because we definitely are NOT safe in churches in Jersey. You let me be preyed on, for the second time, by a known abuser and blamed and destroyed me for it.

When are the lies going to stop and the threat of defamation going to stop? When is the Church going to actually record MY story after YEARS of WHITEWASH that EXCLUDE ME?
How can Bishop Willmott be so positive that safeguarding is so great and those people who publicly lied about me and committed illegal acts are suddenly so caring about the vulnerable? Have they withdrawn their lies in the press and apologized to me? No, so why doesn't he redact his lies until they do?
And on the subject, Paul Butler's frantic efforts to get the church out of external investigation recently led to him showing off about handing big names over to the police, the duplicity was horrifying, so now, to ensure that his words ring true, Bishop Willmott and Bishop Butler and the Archbishop now need to hand Philip Bailhache and Dame Heather Steel over to the police for illegal activity involving police records and data protection breaches, and unfortunately for these two Bishops who were also her colleagues, Jane Fisher also needs to face charges.

The church in Jersey currently contains dignitaries who have actively and deliberately protected abusers in Jersey's care system, so maybe Bishop Trevor thinks 'God's people' are safe, but what about the Victims of his 'God's people?' including victims who suffered not only abuse but trauma as they watched Philip Bailhache protect Rodger Holland and others. He has never apologized or shown remorse, so how come he was a churchwarden alongside my abuser for so long? And since protecting my abuser through illegal acts such as illegal gain of police records and data protection acts, Bishop Trevor is trivializing these crimes and more and mocking me and other abuse survivors and vulnerable people who have been failed by Jersey and Winchester, and I am not the only one in the past few years.
As well as that, the church 'safeguarding policy' extends only to excluding and marginalizing the vulnerable without their knowledge or consent to meet the church insurance requirements and protect their clergy. 
The exclusions mean that no vulnerable person is allowed to a church or clergy house but they are not told this, while abusers are welcome, an example of this is my abuser being seen having tea with his protecting Vicar, Mike Taylor regularly during the time Jane Fisher was destroying me and protecting my abuser, while the clergy who had befriended me was told to turn me away after she had often had me round for tea, but she wasn't allowed to tell me, this left me shattered further and destroyed a good friendship, and then to add insult to injury, Jane Fisher, who was by now in full and constant attack against me, used that same clergy friend to continue to very seriously harm me.

I would like Bishop Willmott to apologize for his crass statement now.
The church have enabled and supported the Jersey Deanery fully in destroying me, and claimed it was to do with safeguarding. It really is time outside intervention on a large scale occured, because there is something seriously wrong with these glaring inaccuracies.
Also the recent suggestion that the Archbishop of Canterbury should investigate my complaint against Bishop Dakin makes that even more so, as the Archbishop upheld both Dakin and Key in their abhorrent behaviour.
Tell me, how was publishing lies about me as fact and in the press, good safeguarding, and how was letting me be attacked and receive death threats and being driven and on the run, safeguarding? Tell me how allowing the wrongdoers to run the investigation and then smugly claiming that 'God's people are safe' is safeguarding, when you haven't even resolved the damage to me or produced a balanced safeguarding investigation.
Time for outside investigation.

Don't forget: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/jane-fisher-safeguarding-director-winchester-diocese This woman was allowed to destroy me and then destroy me again, in light of Bishop Willmott's lies today, do explain why?

This email will now be published online.


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