Tuesday, 16 September 2014

When Jane Fisher hijacked my friendship with Tracy and Tracy would only see me during my sailing time so I had to choose between her and sailing

From: ***************************************
Sent: Friday, 26 March 2010 21:35
To: tracylecouteur@hotmail.com
Cc: Jane Fisher
Subject: RE:
I kind of guessed this set up of you helping me was a trap by fisher, 
it goes like this: pretend to help *****, Tracy not qualified or strong enough and ***** too traumatised, when this does not work, as it cannot, then the church say 'oh look, we tried to fulfil our duty of care but she made it impossible'
this funny new 'help *****' game is ridiculous, the church have not made any attempt to help me before, and have made every effort to harm me, 
I am basically beyond help,
I ask one thing of God, death,
St. Clements and the kindess and trust built up has been destructed by this Key and Fisher game.
Tonight I saw my abusers, I needed help,
the help is once a week in sailing time,
it is a church game. 
I want to be free of the church, the church have destroyed my faith and my life and left me with a criminal and psychiatric record that I cannot recover from in any way, and Jane Fisher says I deserve it.
I cannot live with myself as a criminal, with my abusers victorious with Jane Fisher's blessing, no matter what I do I will never recover from the incorrect and brutal police actions, there is no doubt whatsoever they have commited misconduct as well as Key and the lying church.
Please pray for my death, no one and nothing will help me.
now Jane, do your usual, smash me into the ground and cc it to Tracy.


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