Sunday, 14 September 2014


This is to say that I expect to have my home and privacy invaded, my posessions rifled through, evidence destroyed, my computer taken, and to face beatings and detentions.
Not because I have comitted a crime but because I have stood up to the Diocese of Winchester and Church of England, and my experience of them so far is that the police are their own private Mafia who were used to try and silence me and discredit me with failed attempts to have me put away as mad.

Please save and re-publish the blog and make sure that the church in their corruption, dishonesty and abuse of power manage to do the opposite of any form of silencing.

I am going to die at their hands or be imprisoned, there is no doubt of that, their rabid attempts to silence me in Jersey and Hampshire show that there is nothing more important to them than cover up, why else would they keep trying to have a deeply traumatized abuse victim put away after making her homeless, so carry the case on when I am gone.
Hampshire Constabulary are a private Mafia for the powerful, nothing more, and ever since they traced me so that the church who they brutalized and detained me for could go on harming me, I have known without doubt that the church will kill or imprison me.

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