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Letter to the Archbishop 19/07/2014


Dear Archbishop Justin Welby,

I am writing about the harm done to me by the Diocese of Winchester.

I am writing, inclosing emails to the National Safeguarding Chair, Paul butler, and I am circulating this letter and will publish it on my blog.

In 2012, the inexperienced Bishop Dakin was elected to a large and senior diocese, the Diocese of Winchester, which was previously unmanagable in the hands of a senior Bishop, Scott-Joynt.

In 2013, five years too late to be of any effect but harm, Bishop Dakin and yourself, launched on me and the Deanery of Jersey in the press, publishing the inaccurate and harmful Korris report.

This caused far-reaching damage and achieved nothing of worth, in my case I was destroyed, destitute and with a criminal record because of the criminal behaviour of safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, so what did splashing my case all over the press do to me? It caused me to be shunned, alienated, slandered by strangers, and in every way destroyed. 
While you and Bishop Dakin did nothing to help me whatsoever, and Bishop Dakin threatened me for begging not to be violated by illegal intervention in my life which caused me to react in 2010/11 for which Scott-Joynt and Fisher got me a record, this is omitted from the Korris report and despite Bishop Dakin threatening me, he and Jane Fisher did proceed to violate my privacy and act illegally again.

And what good did it do to a defensive deanery to be publicly attacked? 

The response was me suffering a terrible smear campaign when I was already destroyed, and, just as I was omitted from the Korris report, I was omitted from any further investigations, which, because the UK church of england has no power in Jersey, were simply whitewashes and hijacks. So the States and Deanery of Jersey hijacked the matter and had me publicly flogged while you and the Diocese did nothing to help me.

I remain living in fear, waiting for you or Bishop Dakin to produce yet another inaccurate, patronizing, misleading and meaningless press release or interview, waiting to be further seriously damaged and defamed by yet another whitewash report as a result of your insane launch on me and the Deanery of Jersey.

And so I am writing to plead with you. Let me have my life back, let me move on, you have shattered my life so profoundly, repeatedly, and I will never be able to work or have quality of life again, you have wasted a quarter of a million on the silliest, most pointless and damaging campaign in the history of the church, with the end result that you remain powerless when it comes to Jersey, you have done no investigation that includes me properly, and you have not changed Jersey, all you have done is waste a lot of money and left a vulnerable adult destroyed  and villified and living in terror of further harm wich will, if it continues, killl her.

I was horrified by your interview with Matthew Price, where you praised Bishop Dakin and condoned the mess he has made, upheld the Dean of Jersey and also claimed to stand by your apology to me. Many people wondered what you were actually saying? You condone Dakin's misconduct, you condone the Dean's misconduct and you stand by an apology to me that you refused to make personally, on all over the press in a horrifying invasion of my life and privacy.
And, if you uphold the Dean, why do you stand by your apology to me?
And also, why have my continued concerns about this matter gone ignored, and why has Jane Fisher, after her very serious misconduct in destroying me, gone on being involved and gone on violating me and illegally acting regarding me with the police and NSPCC?

You claimed on BBC Jersey to be responsible for my pastoral care, which is nonsense, what you are responsible for is stopping me from being killed by the actions of your Bishops, Deans, clergy and lay workers and your whitewash reports, this matter is to stop being raised and I am to be released to go on with my life with no further fear or disruption, although the trauma will last a lifetime, as will being branded as I have been. That is a formal request, to be followed up. I expect a proper and tangligable answer.

And remember, if you put any other vulnerable adult through this, they would not withstand it, what happens to the voiceless in the church? What happened to me for speaking up?

I enclose a reminder of what this is really about, These are links to blogs:



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