Wednesday, 23 July 2014

An email to the Bishop

Dear Bishop Butler,

Just to remind you that I have asked for a proper independent inquiry into the harm done to me by the church of england. An inquiry that includes me and my story, as none so far do.

It is not and never will be acceptable that Jane Fisher slandered me to every church in my home town of Winchester when I returned homeless and destitute, slandered me to protect herself and the Bishop regarding their wrongdoing in Jersey. 
The damage to me, especially of being slandered to my old churches and losing friends I had had for more than 10 years, was horrific and inexcusable, as was Jane Fisher's influence of the Korris report after her wrongdoing.
The Korris report was a sham, a pretence of proper investigation, which has left me seriously harmed.

I understand that after more than 20 years, Kendal House is now being properly investigated by the church, too late for at least one victim, the damage is done.
And have recently 10 years late published a report into the chichester abuse.

The church of england have destroyed me and I doubt anything will change that. 
Am I to expect the church to wait 10 or 20 years before they launch on me again? While I spend each day waking up and living in fear, excluded slandered and omitted from reports.

I will publish this email on my blog.

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