Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How funny

I often wake thinking about something.
And for some reason this morning it was the hysteria and 'signs and wonders' of the cult church in Jersey.

They used to try and get me to go to something called 'soaking' One of those things where they lie on the floor and do their 'daddy God' nonsense.

I use Jesus as a yardstick, see Jesus the man standing these looking at them and saying 'They think this is to do with Me or My Father?'

I am sure there is nothing wrong with playing games, but it is not a good idea to mislead vulnerable and new Christians.

The other thing I remembered as I woke, was the 'gold dust'.
These church women were getting hysterical about some glitter or 'gold dust' that they had got on themselves, claiming it was a 'sign' yeah, the kind that sends thrills down the spines of hysterical cult church people and new and vulnerable Christians.

Why would a God who allowed such evil in that island, and allowed the church to shun and turn away from victims of that evil, be playing frivolous games with church people who had never suffered a thing in their lives?

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