Sunday, 1 June 2014

some points

  • Remember, neither the Diocese of Winchester nor macsas had my consent to intervene or refer me anywhere or to work together, as I had a complaint against both.
  • Apparently Teri Bond wrote a libellous and defamatory letter to the JEP, the same JEP who are overseen by my abuser's brother, and claimed I had been sending death threats and threatening letters etc? Is that correct? This letter was part of the hate campaign against me by the clergy, of all people. Teri omitted a number of things - that neither she nor her husband nor her church had ever received any death threats or any other threats, other than to ask them to stop interfering once I left Jersey, having not been prepared to help me in prison, which was not a threat, she also omitted that I had made no death threats to clergy in Jersey, especially not 'for years', and my correspondence with clergy was in response to what I was suffering, especially their protection of my abuser. She also omitted that she and her husband were close friends of the Dean and his wife and often had them round for supper, Mark Bond once commented that the Dean was always round at their house when his wife was away, and that the Dean's wife was the real Dean of Jersey. Teri Bond also omitted that at the time she was writing this public hate letter about me, her husband was in a spot of bother for kicking a vulnerable homeless man from the church-run hostel with a day's notice, a matter which was referred to Jane Fisher, and which she again refused to deal with.

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