Sunday, 1 June 2014

random statement extract about the untruths I heard in court in sussex

I still think this is very important:
If I had had a fair trial then the church would not have been able to get me on a false charges, ie having me charged with harrassment between 'September and June', which is what the charge remained despite me saying it wasn't possible, and the church cannot have evidence that it is possible, but I was ignored when I said so.
In the september I was tried and told to plead not guilty to Jane Fisher and the Bishop's charges, I was then in remand until I was released on October 11th, I returned to england to be immediately shocked and distressed by the interference of the very same people, the Bishop, his wife and Jane Fisher, and I went to the police twice and asked for them to intervene, I was treated as if I was mad because of my record, and Jane Fisher and the Bishop and his wife continued relentlessly to involve themselves with my life, my friends and my use of the homeless services, which led to my collapse and arrest.
It was December before I retaliated in distress, at the end of my tether, I had no contact at all with the Bishop or jane Fisher before then, and yet it is claimed that I had, as if I had simply been 'harrassing' them non-stop from before the first court case until the next one, it was also claimed then that I had been convicted for Jane Fisher and the Bishop at the previous case, which is not true. 

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