Thursday, 20 March 2014

email of formal letter to the Dean, letter in attachment

There are further emails around this one to be posted:


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Dear Mr Dean,
I am a bit confused that I have been given a message that you are still waiting for a formal complaint, I believe that the statement I sent you in the beginning was a formal complaint, I also did not withdraw the complaint as far as I know, just said I was not sure about continueing, I I am also aware that you have contacted JM in the meantime, I enclose a letter of complaint, please process the matter urgently as I am extremely unwell.
Please phone me on *****  ****** if you are able to speak to me. I am very confused and distressed by the way the complaint has been delayed. I do not believe that my concerns here should bias against me, as I am quite confused and distressed about not understanding what is going on.

****** *****

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