Sunday, 2 February 2014


Another question to add to previous ones.
Why, if I was a mad bad troublemaker, did the Churchwarden work so hard to get me to stay in Jersey?
When did I become a mad bad troublemaker?
After all, by the time I was finishing my first job in Jersey and looking to move on to France, the Churchwarden and his wife and the Vicar and his wife and the church had known me for several months, and even at the time the Vicar's wife was saying I needed to settle and stay in Jersey and make a home.

Things changed when I started reacting to what the churchwarden was doing, and he began to discuss me behind my back with the Vicar and wife when I was living at his house, and they would speak to him and not me, after that time I went to them and said that he had told me that people in church were talking about him and me, and the Vicar said he would put a stop to it, and that 'it tended to be certain people', and then later the churchwarden said he had told the Vicar that everything was ok,
even then that puzzled me, why had he upset me by saying people were talking, and then told the Vicar that things were ok? And why did the Vicar and his wife stop speaking to me then?

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