Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Someone asked if I was proud to have caused such upheaval in the Church.

Heehee, nooo, I am not supposed to have pride, because I am a Catholic. Anyway, I did not cause this to happen. The Church's employees did all of this all by themselves.

But anyway, I will either be proud or dead when the Church of England collapses in it's own proud and archaic and abusive dust, I don't know that it will be me alone that causes that, but I will support anyone who would like to challenge the Church of England as unfit for purpose.


  1. I think it OK to have pride in and respect for yourself - others as well, of course. I agree about the C of E being unfit for purpose and you did not do this alone. They bring it on themselves by trreatin abuse victims badly.

  2. Thank you Emma.
    Oh but imagine if any one person could be norty enough to make the church of england fall! :)
    The CofE do need to change their attitude to the vulnerable and poor, drastically!