Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The one good thing

Well, I haven't been blogging today, so people are fussing.
Why don't I do a quick post, I am drafting one, will post tomorrow, but let me share this.

The past year has been awful, the past five years have been awful.
But one good thing has come out of the past year.

I have met and spoken to and talked to on twitter, on the blogs and by email, the most wonderful people, I have made new friends and heard from other survivors, and that has enriched my life and encouraged me.

The Jersey bloggers are inspirational and unique, I bet there isn't another group of determined bloggers like them anywhere.
The people who speak to me by email and twitter, those who have offered me support, and those who are survivors who know how hard it is to get justice, it has helped me to know that I am not alone.

I really appreciate the support and am enriched by it. Bless you all, you are the One Good Thing that has come out of all this terrible mess.


  1. Lovely blog post! You have many people who value your happiness and who are thinking of you. Your words here and your story have touched hearts around the world.

  2. So glad to have helped a bit, even just by talking to on Bob's blog (I used Anon as a name there as I didn't want any offline grief because I live in Jersey)

  3. Terrifying to hear that you live somewhere where you are afraid to be yourself and express an opinion.