Monday, 25 November 2013


Good morning,
I am delighted to have celebrities reading and commenting on my blog.
I will one day be able to tell you the full Jersey story on here, but at the moment it is still too traumatic and I still dissociate.

This morning I went to see my new therapist for a consultation. It went well. The new therapist will be able to work with me, she heard how effective the art and play therapy with my old counsellor had been and she says she can also work with me that way.

I was speaking to my old counsellor by email last week and asked her if she knew about attachment theory, and I said about how her work with me profoundly helped me. She replied that she did know about attachment theory and did have it in mind when she was working with me.
She reads this blog and she doesn't like smilies :):):) ;)

No wonder her help was so profound, and working with her improved my communication skills a lot. But that was before Jersey.

So this new therapist will be working with me every week with behavioural and attachment therapy, the therapist who has been working with me up until now was assessing me and working with the trauma and looking at the behaviour resulting from this, we decided I needed EMDR because of the trauma but I felt that EMDR would not be fully effective without the core issue of attachment disorder being treated first. Because how can we make it all better if the middle is missing? I need to realign my relationship with people in order to have a base to start from.

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