Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sparky post

Good evening. What a day.

On the Island, we had a toast with our cups of tea rather than champagne this time. Which is ok, because champagne makes me a bit unsteady. Even a few days ago, I didn't expect to be here again.

Polo has done a very interesting blog that makes me blush. Polo is a good writer, he can describe things much more succinctly that I can. I just blog about anything and everything, apparently, according to someone who doesn't like me 'shafting' 'his' church of england.
Here is Polo's blog.

and here is a Battered Sheep article.

'I will not boast in anything,
No Yorkshire
No channel Islands
No Switzerland

For Christ has given all of this
and didn't say 'abuse me'

I will not be so insecure
boast about my family

For Christ has given all of this
so don't abuse your ministry'

Ah, the bad old days, back when I was a doormat and had only experienced the Church of England and being treated as less and blamed for being irritated by this, and didn't realise that Christianity was not all one-upmanship and exclusive to the better off. This is not to say that the whole of the Church of England are like this, and two years ago I experienced other diocese for the first time and was pleasantly surprised, but the Diocese of Winchester is a very wealthy and very prejudiced diocese.

I have suffered years of the Church of England, and so, Catholicism with it's ethics and respect, was a breath of fresh air when I discovered it, even the most poor can be Catholics.
I cannot imagine any true Catholic sitting talking to a poor person endlessly about what they and their family have, and being offended when asked politely and timidly by the poor person, if they could talk about something else, as the poor person cannot join and the conversation and feels embarrassed. It was the Catholics who restored to me some of the self-worth that the Church of England had taken from me over the years.

And that is why I can sit here and blog about anything and everything.

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