Monday, 25 November 2013

last, lost and least again

Good evening.
I am amused to see my regular reader is suddenly going mad with reading.

I was thinking, if the Diocese of Winchester are 'called to help the lost, the last and the least',
then why don't they damn well do what they are called to do.

Excuse me being autistic, but it is the same as St. Andrews Church in Jersey, they  boast to be 'called to be salt and light', and I asked them 'then how come you aren't obeying that calling?

Talk about rocking the boat! Daring to challenge anything in Jersey!

Back to 'Lost, last and least'.

Who is qualified to ever put such labels on someone whilst calling themselves a Christian?

Maybe the Bishop does think that as a Bishop, he can judge, segregate and label in such a way.
And as I have asked before, when does the label get removed?

Because I have spent eight months being judged and condemned by the Diocese of Winchester and Deanery of Jersey for things that a) happened years ago b) they do not have my full side of things and disregard my side of things without a fair hearing for me, and c) these things happened both before my baptism as a Catholic and my confession, so who can judge me as they have? and d) it all happened before I had adequate diagnosis or therapy, and e) not one of the people who has wronged me has been challenged or disciplined, let alone subjected to the judgmental hate campaigns and forced interference that I have suffered.

Not that I am excusing myself, I know what I have and haven't done, the Church of England do not care, they would rather have a story that suits them.
But nothing could be more arrogant and incongruent than Bishop Dakin's 'Called to help the last, the lost and the least'.
I think they need to look in the mirror and realise just how lost they themselves are. There has been nothing fair or just about the way they have destroyed me and protected abusers and wrongdoers and tried to save face and maintain a good image in the press.

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