Friday, 7 July 2017

Peter Hancock, complicit abuser protector


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Dear Moira Gibb,

You definitely should never have been given Peter Hancock limelight after his part in the Jersey and Winchester coverup where he upheld an abuser.
Anyone involved in the defunct and belated PR inquiries or who give the church's fake safeguarding stuntmen limelight, harm the victims who are still suffering.
The Peter Ball case was one where the church were forced to act. And all you did was tell a story already known, and give the new Paul Butler, Peter Hancock, limelight to continue Paul Butler's duplicity, Peter Hancock has been actively involved in the million pound Jersey and Winchester cover-up, and shows no intention of acting regarding the horrific injustice.

I guess that after the huge ego-masturbation by Justin Welby and Peter Hancock over your report, the church intend to continue as normal, they force meetings with the national safeguarding team on victims for insurance purposes and continue to be as abusive and dishonest as they always have been. 

Your report should not praise the current situation of Welby, Hancock, Butler and the rest of the tight and collusive clique, because the only thing that has changed is that the church are credibly getting away with a massive massive falsehood, and my case is a repeat of the very same cover-up, collusion and lies that protected Ball, you appearing with Peter Hancock when he has been involved in protecting wrongdoers in my case is a very grave injury to me. Think of the victims when you produce unqualified claims such as that the church has changed or is doing better, it isn't doing better, they destroyed me, nearly drove me to suicide and both Paul Butler and Peter Hancock, the safeguarding stuntmen, have been involved and are complicit in this.

There is no improvement under Peter Hancock, who is as complicit in my case as Paul Butler was, in safeguarding in the church of england. The press and media facilitated lies and fake apologies and the protection of wrongdoers continue. Bob Key, who had me destroyed, imprisoned left homeless and publicly smeared for three years, has been upheld publicly by Justin Welby and Peter Hancock, and they consider him fit to hold positions where he will have acess to the vulnerable, while the million pound whitewash of my case remains and my side has not been recorded.

As someone who claimed that the church are doing better, would you please make a statement qualifying that, or redact it and hold the church to account for their massive scale harm to me, of which your report being used for PR falsehoods is part? I am left suffering and voiceless while these corrupt, duplicitous and collusive men do exactly the same as occured in the Peter Ball case, they have destroyed me and left me voiceless and suicidal for the sake of the church's image, and as in the Peter Ball case, they are protecting abusers, and you, having received this and previous concerns when you were seen posing with Hancock in the PR falsehood stunt, are doing the same.

The church have been doing a fake safeguarding audit with the help of SCIE, to keep rubbing it in the victims' faces while nothing changes. The depth and severity of the criminal actions of the church in my case remain unchallenged, even by the police. The church have openly and unrelentingly broken the law in publicly destroying me. And Peter Hancock has yet to contact me to explain what he is to do about this while he is harbouring and upholding a man who has done very serious wrong to me with the church's blessing.

#synod @bathwellsbish Bishop of Bath and Wells employed the dishonest Dean involved in the million pound abuse cover-up, good safeguarding?



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Mr Key will be working with cathedrals and larger churches in the UK as part of a national prayer initiative called Thy Kingdom Come 2017.
He has also accepted an invitation from the Bishop of Bath and Wells to be part of the team taking forward that diocese’s new strategy for ‘mission and evangelism’.
While I’m sorry that Bob and Daphne will be leaving our immediate fellowship, I’m delighted that his particular gifts in evangelism will continue to be available both in the wider life of our Church in the UK and within the Diocese of Bath & Wells
- “Tricky” Trevor
States Members were informed this week that he will be taking up a new role with the ‘Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group’, as part of a national initiative called “Thy Kingdom Come 2017.”
He’ll also be working with the Bishop of Bath and Wells on a “…new strategy for mission and evangelism.”

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