Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ian Gorst and Jersey Care Inquiry

Dear Ian Gorst,

Your 50,000 of tax payers ,money on PR training must have been well spent, for you to offer a 'personal' apology to victims when you have been involved in exactly the same wrongdoing and appear unable to admit that during your PR apology.
Remember your persistent and criminal efforts against a vulnerable adult in order to protect States and Church Dignitaries? That remains unresolved and not accounted for. It needs outside investigation.
So did your little speech really have to cost £50,000 of tax payers money?

Make sure something is done about the million pound Winchester and Jersey cover-up at the expense of one lone and destroyed victim whose story remains unheard. You have taken so much time on your PR training that you seem to have forgotten to resign over the matter, not least because you personally tried to force the release of the whitewash Steel report and you personally had the victim bullied and trolled over the States personal whitewash by the failed and disgraced safeguarding partnership. You had no right to abuse your position to have a voiceless vulnerable adult destroyed with her side of things unheard, not least because as Chief Minister and dubiously a 'Christian' you were obliged to be impartial, instead you acted as badly and as conflictedly as you could.

Now that you have done your £50,000 speech at taxpayers' expense, maybe you can arrange the inquiry into Church, States and Police severe misconduct from 2008 onwards and of course especially from 2013-2016, not forgetting the severe abuse of the vulnerable adult by press and media and the states from their positions, and the inaction of yourself or the safeguardijng partnership to stop this. Because just as the systemic abuse and corruption in Jersey didn't go away and still remains a problem, not least under your unstable and corrupted leadership, the matter of the million pound public destruction of a lone vulnerable adult also isn't going to go away.

Any National or International Press ready to interview the victim instead of continuing the complicit silence, she is willing to be interviewed, and I don't think Ian Gorst's £50,000 of tax payers money on PR will ever wash the stain from him and his inter-conflicted corrupt States-Judiciary-Police-Church members.

And because Gorst, Bailhache and others have broken the law in their efforts, and so have the hopelessly corrupt and brutal States of Jersey Police,  but all consider themselves to be above the law, this needs to be a criminal investigation, and must be investigated by an outside police force as well as a neutral judge.
 You are responsible for allowing an openly conflicted judge to illegally act in the matter, Dame Steel's connections to the wrongdoers in this are open and evidenced and you were shown that evidence, as if you didn't already know, and yet you allowed her to continue to terrorize her victim and act illegally for the States and Church, and you even used tax payers money on a PR stunt trip to the UK to try to force the release of the Steel report, leading to further hate attacks against the victim, who you have never met, and the end result of that was the collapse of former Deputy Bob Hill as he tried to counter the hate attacks against the lone, destroyed and voiceless vulnerable adult. The blood on your hands, nearly two lives lost for the sake of cover-up, doesn't seem to affect your attendance at church, because you won't take responsibility for yourself, and this all the £50,000 apologies and fake care for the abuse victims, is worthless, and is your ticket to hell, if you really believe in God rather than being one of the group who go to church for show and status and to be fawned upon, which is the usual thing.

And remember, as well as the persistent and unashamed failings of Jersey safeguarding partnership over the years, which despite being published, have not led to improvement, they also were involved in criminal activity against your victim, at your behest, nearly killing her. The formal complaint against this remains unanswered and un-investigated, so your 'apology' is of no worth to anyone, especially not if that is all £50,000 of tax payers money spent on PR brings.Make sure your own personal victim, the victim of your conflicts of interests and place in the church and among the corrupt clique, receives justice and a full investigation into the actions of church, states, judiciary, press and media, and last but not least the police. It isn't possible to imagine that you go to church on Sunday for any reason except to be seen, and the same goes for the horrifically corrupt and callous men in your clique in the States.

I attach some of the reports waiting to be used in the inquiry into the horrific callous, open and utter destruction of a lone vulnerable adult to cover up for wrongdoing and protect the image of the church and states. Make sure justice is brought to this matter, no matter what your 'prejudices', and you don't need to spend so much money on covering up and PR this time.

Remember, there are 23 other reports waiting, as well as the ones attached, and the wrongdoing hasn't gone away just because of your unchristian illegal and deviant behaviour. The matter isn't closed, and will not be closed, until the whole matter is investigated by unbiased individuals and bodies who will have to ask you and your clique why you knowingly allowed a conflicted and biased associate of yours to hijack and whitewash the token investigations by the diocese of Winchester which were, incidentally to glorify themselves and cover their backs rather than any genuine wish for justice. And why you allowed illegal actions by the inter-conflicted parties to continue for three years without any thought for your victim's welfare.
Your apology means nothing while the Jersey Way marches on and lives remain at risk and your victim is destroyed. Make sure your victim is heard on an equal footing with the people who have smeared and discredited her, including yourself, and if you don't, your work and life and 'christianity' are worth nothing at all, if you allow a vulnerable adult to be destroyed voiceless, you would allow your own children to be destroyed voiceless and that is all that your life, work and ministry are worth.

What has happened in the States-led atrocity of the million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash is an indication that nothing has changed, and you can whitter 'apologies' in much the same empty and PR-led way that the church do, but if you do not change things, starting with this massive injustice, your PR apologies make no difference, Jersey is still a corrupt mess, headed by a useless two-faced man who recently faced a vote of no confidence and in a panic he tried to save himself by sacking his right-hand man who he had determinedly tried to save from justice before. Horrifying isn't it, Ian Gorst, what you have done and got away with. So make sure outside investigation occurs, and have the grace to step down.

Finally, Jersey is obviously unable to function without proper supervision and outside audits, so before you step down, you should discuss this with the States and make sure that an outside governor and suitable facilities for the persistent wrongdoings in Jersey and the persistent need for the UK to keep investigating Jersey are looked into.  But straight away, Jersey Safeguarding Partnership's actions should be dealt with and they should be replaced, and you should dismiss Philip Bailhache just as you dismissed your other comrade, and this time not to save your sorry skin but because you were presented evidence of his criminal wrongdoing a few years back and refused to act, except to promote him to External Affairs Minister despite the nature of his wrongdoing. Time to stop following your PR script and start acting. No apology for PR makes any difference whatsoever when you are involved in and upholding wrongdoing and harm, the same thing has been said to the Church of England's National Safeguarding Team, who openly said that what has happened is wrong but that  they daren't stand up to you and your corrupt circle, not that they are anything but corrupt and employed to protect the church from victims. Horrifying, More horrifying if any victim hearing your apology believes you are genuine and not completely two-faced.

The only reason you have pretended to care about victims or apologize is because you like your cushy job and all expenses paid trips all over the world with the pretence that a tiny island with no trade or status, which can't run it's own affairs, needs you to visit exotic locations and pay you to, while when you can be bothered to come home to Jersey you are there because you allow the corruption and wrongdoing that caused decades of harm to children and the vulnerable, and still is doing.

Your £50,000 of taxpayers money for PR lessons when your right-hand crook grumbled about the costs both of the child abuse inquiry and the Jersey and Winchester whitewash, is a very poor financial judgement, and a waste of money, I can see through your duplicity, so can others. Image is more important to you and your corrupt clique than genuine apology, repentance or even justice, you couldn't stop the care inquiry so you did your best with sabotage, PR and pretend care. It is small wonder that Jersey has to be run and investigated by the UK, while the corruption and abuse and lack of safeguarding remains and you and your comrades are using your positions to enjoy free and needless travel round the world at taxpayers' expense. 

Time for Change. Goodbye Gorst, find a more suitable position and Jersey may have a chance of being a better, more productive place, with a better quality of life for those who belong there.


JJ - victim of the horrific current corruption and open wrongdoing in the inter-conflicted unregulated and uncontrolled States, police, church and judiciary in Jersey

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