Monday, 3 July 2017

Jersey Care Inquiry

I have been at work all day of course.

I was praying all the time, especially for the survivors.

But I didn't have internet of course, I had my tablet with me but didn't even have time to borrow a wifi hotspot as we worked hard without stopping.

As I was driving home the new headlines came on 'A report into historic abuse in Jersey has said that children may still be at risk...' I turned the radio down and I needed to pull over.
An ambulance came tearing through the traffic, and I and other drivers pulled into a lay-by, and I decided to stay there for a while.

I got home, stripped my work clothes off and made tea before putting the computer on.

The headlines and blogs.

The first up reads 'Vindicated!' And that was all it took to reduce me to tears.

Then 'Demolish Haute de la Garrenne'.

I will never forget Haute de la Garrenne, the image of it will always be in my mind. You see I nearly stayed there while I was looking for a new home in Jersey, and that was when it was suddenly closed and the child abuse hit the headlines.

Then there is 'An end to the Jersey Way'.
I hope so, I am still waiting to go home.

I am not going to read any more yet. I guess I can smile slightly that the BBC focus on the advice to demolish Haute de la Garrenne.


I will keep that headline in mind, and I hope that every victim and survivor is vindicated in some way.

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