Thursday, 22 June 2017

Peter Hancock - Abuser Protector - replacing Paul Butler as CofE abuse apologist and Press Stuntman

The Bishop of Bath and Wells should be quiet and stop trying to glorify himself, he employs a criminal abuser, Robert Key. He is part of a million pound cover-up which destroyed a vulnerable adult. Enough is enough.

The Bishop of Bath and Wells isn't in a position to 'apologize' he is protecting and upholding the abusive criminals Bob and Daphne Key, who destroyed a vulnerable adult with the church of england's full and open blessing.

Why isn't the Bishop of Bath and Wells under investigation for giving the Keys access to the vulnerable after their abuse of me?

Paul Butler has been told to give this matter to the police, which is maybe why Peter Hancock is doing the empty, sickly Paul Butler impression this week instead of Butler.

There is an investigation into the Bishop of Winchester, but there also needs to be an investigation into why the Bishop of Bath and Wells is making a fuss about the Peter Ball case while he is harbouring and upholding the criminally abusive former Dean of Jersey and his wife after the million pound whitewash of the case and destruction of the former Dean of Jersey's victim, and why the former Dean is being given access to the vulnerable after what he has done and been protected by the church for doing.

It would be a good idea if Peter Hancock, formerly of the Diocese of Winchester, and who the victim begged for help and was ignored, kept a very very low profile rather than fake apologies in the press and media, akin to Justin Welby, Tim Dakin and Paul Butler also doing fake apologies to the million pound whitewash victim and others while publicly destroying the million pound whitewash victim.

Peter Hancock has received a formal complaint about the abusive and dangerous former Dean of Jersey and his wife, and has ignored it, he is not in a position to take over from Paul Butler as press stuntman while he is harbouring a dangerous man and has ignored concerns and is leaving that man, and his equally dangerous wife as a risk to the vulnerable.

This email is to be taken as a formal complaint against Peter Hancock, who was contacted in 2011 by Bob Key's victim, who was being destroyed by Jane Fisher and the Scott-Joynts to try to silence her, and he ignored this, he has taken the dangerous and lawless Keys on in an evangelism position after a million pounds of church money was spent on covering up for their wrongdoing and destroying their victim in a public and lawless smear campain which included numerous conflicted whitewash reports, and the church's lawyers and PR companies and inter-conflicted police, judiciary and government ministers advising them.

The Church should already have learned that fake PR apologies are not appropriate when there has been no improvement in their behaviour or intentions, nothing has changed since the Peter Ball case, and you have to look at why this apologist is apologizing, presumably as he currently harbours criminals who have spent a million pounds of church money on cover-ups, he may have been involved in protecting Ball, or he is simply part of the Welby-Butler horrific fake safeguarding and fake apologies campaign that abuses power over the press and media to get the church glory on the back of the rape of children.

I would advise that Peter Hancock takes a seat and is silent now, because he and his diocese need to be investigated for taking on people like Bob and Daphne Key in evangelism positions when they have done wrong, see the attached Hill report sent with this email.

Police receiving this email, I would like the investigation into the Bishop of Winchester to be extended to the Diocese of Bath and Wells and the former acting Bishop of Winchester, now Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Hancock. Every recipient, please send this email to the police, and keep sending it, because no lessons have been learned from the Peter Ball case, the Bishop of Bath and Wells is the very proof of that.

This email is also copied to the Church of England's National Safeguarding Team, as a courtesy, as they have stated to me that they uphold the harm to me by the Dioceses of Winchester and Canterbury and Jersey. Thus the Church of England still do not safeguard or understand safeguarding, but they have to record my complaint, and hopefully when the Church of England are forcibly overseen because of the risk that they pose to the vulnerable - they nearly killed me and had me publicly destroyed -there will have to be a full investigation, including Peter Hancock employing and upholding dangerous abusers and giving them access to the vulnerable through evangelism.

As well as the church nearly killing me, and leaving me suffering and destroyed, they nearly killed Bob Hill, a former police officer who stood up for me as the church relentlessly destroyed me publicly for three years. I think Peter Hancock, who had already put the Ball report on his website in preparation of his boast today, needs to be quiet and look at his misconduct in the current million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash. This is a formal, safeguarding, and police complaint against Peter Hancock and the Diocese of Bath and Wells in addition to the complaints already standing against the Dioceses of Winchester and Canterbury. I am concerned that since Hancock left the Diocese of Winchester for Bath and Wells, he is increasingly growing into the new Paul Butler, the duplicitous abuser-protector church press and media stuntman. What the Church need to do is stop abusing the press and media and general public and appoint a safeguarding team, as they don't have one, an independent safeguarding team, who will hold Justin Welby, Paul Butler, Tim Dakin, the Keys and others to account, because right now the Peter Ball case is not history, my case has been no different, and Peter Hancock is part of that, so he is the last person who should be shooting his mouth off to glorify the church. They should not keep saying sorry when they are not and when nothing has changed.

This complaint will now also be published on my blog.

JJ - victim of the recent million pound church of england whitewash and cover-up to protect wrongdoers in the church.

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