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Justin Welby had a vulnerable adult publicly destroyed, while the police, every Bishop in the country, and the press and media stood by or helped him

As well as my blogs, I urge you to read this, and believe it, this person clarified everything I try to say, and without any communication with me, as a survivor and as an observer of the current church safeguarding farce, he states everything you need to know, in one short blog:

Justin Welby and Tim Dakin spent a million pounds destroying me, they abused the press and media to publicly destroy me, they acted illegally in accessing police records, and they acted illegally in heading a smear campaign and whitewash of my case, covering up for, and upholding wrongdoers, never once making sure that what happened to me was included.
They also did not investigate Fred and Juliet Montague's abuse of me nor their intervention to protect my other abuser, they did not investigate Jane Fisher upholding my abuser and having me destroyed and driven from my communities and help services by Jane Fisher and the Scott-Joynt's slander of me, instead, Justin Welby and Tim Dakin had me publicly smeared and destroyed for three years before publicly discrediting me and leaving me to commit suicide, which would have solved their problems because I took them to court over their defamatory whitewash reports and so they had me publicly smeared and destroyed because I had stopped them from publishing their biggest whitewash, the conflicted and criminal Steel report.

For three years Justin Welby allowed me to be viciously smeared, defamed and degraded in the press and media without him ever contacting me or arranging for me to have the same PR, lawyers or press voice as the wrongdoers who he allowed and aided in smearing, defaming and degrading me. Then he publicly discredited me with the Bishop, neither of them having met me nor recorded what happened to me.

Justin Welby isn't in a position to attack George Carey, nor to go on with his fake safeguarding campaign over historic cases for show, he is, here and now, an abuser who destroyed a vulnerable adult. And had I been any other vulnerable adult, I would be long dead by now, instead of living death, while Welby and Dakin and their complicit police and press would have been smearing me in my death in order to cover up.

Justin Welby has left me suffering living death, destroyed and defamed, he and the Bishop of Winchester have committed criminal acts including breaching the data protection act, harassment and abuse of a vulnerable adult, illegal actions involving police and other authorities records, defamation as I was recognized, attacked and harassed as a result of their actions. Welby is in no position to go on blaring about safeguarding while I sit here suffering intolerable anguish and waiting to die, with each new vainglorious fake safeguarding press release by Welby making my anguish worse.
And incredibly his safeguarding team have upheld the harm to me, tried to force me to accept it, and blocked me because I won't and because I am asking for an independent investigation both into the way I have been destroyed by Welby, Dakin and Butler's destruction of me in their safeguarding PR stunt gone wrong. The Dioceses of Winchester and Canterbury and Lambeth Palace and the National Safeguarding team think that if they block me and go on carrying out loud and blaring investigations into historical abuse and claiming that the church isn't like this any more, then everything will be alright.

No, it won't, I am destroyed and waiting to die, and my case won't go away even if the police go on ignoring the criminal harm to me, even if the church go on trying to block me, their evil against me will never go away.

And in Welby's lifetime, maybe some jerk Archbishop trying to protect and glorify the corrupt and evil church of england, if it hasn't been rightfully disbanded, will blare and attack Welby for his evil against me, wouldn't that be poetic justice. But I will be dead by then and whether Welby and Dakin are held to account for my constructive murder, I don't know.

My suffering is intolerable now, and I want, as ever, for my abusers, Justin Welby and Tim Dakin, to be removed and to face police action. There is no safeguarding in the church of england, even the national safeguarding team and caroline venables uphold the way I have been publicly destroyed and left for dead, the national safeguarding team actually co-ordinated my public destruction after leaving me suffering and ignoring my calls after Bob Hill collapsed defending my life from hate attacks instigated by Welby, Dakin and their whitewash conflicted smear reports and press releases that destroyed defamed and humiliated me. Nothing has been done, I have continued to sink into death, I am living dead, and my abuser, Justin Welby, is still masturbating himself over abuse and safeguarding in public.

Please make sure something is done.

Last night I was told that Bob and Daphne Key, the former Dean of Jersey and his wife, who were friends with my abuser, Robb Averty, and protected him and had me destroyed, have not actually gone to work for Peter Hancock, who failed to protect me from abuse, they were upheld publicly by the church for destroying me for their friends, and the press and media glorified them and said that they were going to work for Peter Hancock in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Last night I was told that wasn't the case. 

But wherever they went, they are a danger to the vulnerable, they called me evil for their abuser friends and upheld them, my story remains unrecorded by press, media, reports or the church. So there is no safeguarding in the church of england, just a very noisy and arrogant and narcissistic archbishop who openly upholds abusers and destroys victims. 

Make sure something is done. I don't want to live and can't wait to die, but I want something done about the utter evil inflicted on me by the church of England under Justin Welby, and the way my back has been broken and I have been left to die suffering and broken and ashamed.
And I don't want my abusers, Welby and Dakin masturbating on my grave or doing a disgusting Paul Butler necrophelia act like he did with Peter Ball's suicide victim. 


Dear Lord Carey,

I am the victim of Justin Welby's abuse, well I am one of his victims.

I wrote to you a few years ago to ask if you could do anything about Justin Welby and his corrupt little circle abusing and destroying me.

I have unfortunately gone on suffering him and enduring his horrific damage to me while he continues his vainglorious safeguarding boasts in the press and media, but I can assure you, there has been no improvement in safeguarding in the Church of England during his and Paul Butler's shared office as Archbishop and press and media lies machine.

I am aware that Welby is currently getting off on 'Telling you to step down' in order to glorify himself, he has been using abuse to glorify himself for the past four years, in between attacking and dishonouring his various parents and family. He isn't in a position to claim any superiority over you, as he is an abuser, an abuser who publicly destroyed a lone vulnerable adult in the press and media because he used her case, my case as an attempted press stunt that went wrong, and then covering up at the expense of the victim cost him and the Church en estimated million pounds, and left me, his victim, destroyed and waiting to die.

Days like today when he and Peter Hancock and Paul Butler set off their vainglorious crowing and strutting over their fake safeguarding campaign, which basically just includes repeat investigations into historic cases where the abusers are dead or convicted, leave me in such anguish that I can't wait to die.

These men using abuse as a way of masturbating themselves publicly while they are not being held accountable for publicly destroying me and upholding my abusers, are not in a position to judge you or tell you to do anything, if they call you a peadophile protector, they are peadophile protectors too, but not just peadophile protectors, they are men who love to glorify themselves in the press and media at the expense of raped and abused children and vulnerable adults.

Thus I would suggest that you stand up and ask for an investigation into Justin Welby, paul Butler and the rest of the corrupt and lawless circle, into their public destruction of a vulnerable adult between 2013 and 2016 for the sake of the church's image. Because that vulnerable adult is sitting here suffering horrific and relentless anguish that makes her long for death, while her abuser, Justin Welby, goes on masturbating himself at her expense, at all victims' expense, at your expense, when his narcissisim and cold psychopathic cruelty doesn't belong in a place that claims to be about Christianity.

Please stand up to him, for your sake, for mine, and for the sake of children and the voiceless vulnerable who he is using to glorify himself while this victim writing to you is beyond healing and extremely unlikely to live through much more of Welby's vainglorious blaring, and he will go on blaring and boasting and strutting when his victim dies because of him, just as he has gone on and on boasting and blaring after causing the collapse and near death of the one man who stood up for his victim against the press and media led hatred and smear attacks that she was too destroyed to survive.

I attach some reports, and would suggest that you meet with the police about this, because Welby and his cronies pose a risk to the life of abuse victims. What Justin Welby has done to me is severe and life-threatening abuse, and he is above the law, has no conscience and as yet in his continued arrogance and boasting, shows no understanding of his crimes. Welby is in no position to use you as a press stunt, he should have stepped down after nearly causing my suicide. The police are afraid to deal with this because he is archbishop, protected by friends in government, police, judiciary etc, but that isn't good enough, I won't stop asking, and as he scapegoats you when his crimes are so bad, I would suggest that you step in, for the sake of good safeguarding in the church of england, which won't occur until Welby and his stunt team and cover-ups are gone.

Also, could you remind Welby, the man who is arrogantly using you while he is worse in his hypocricy, that I have asked him and his vile group of Bishops who had me publicly destroyed with the help of the press and media, that I have asked, seeing as they had a million pounds of congregants money to spend on destroying me, that they can arrange for less than 20 thousands to be paid for me to attend dignitas to end the suffering that they and the church have inflicted. After all, in their relentless attacks on my life in the press and media, and the ensuing smears and hatred and threats, surely the outcome that they wanted was my death? Leaving me living dead and still screaming in anguish doesn't really conclude the matter, so maybe you could remind them to arrange dignitas for me. The sooner this hell on earth and having to endure my abuser, Welby crowing and masturbating himself over abuse, is over, the better.

Interestingly, for the three years that Welby destroyed me for my abusers and for being vulnerable and reporting abuse, the press keep a complicit silence on my side of things. And while that remains the case, there is no safeguarding, just a very arrogant and Godless man, Justin Welby, forcing his fake safeguarding campaign on everyone while he is guilty of abuse.

And on the subject of press, the church times who destroyed me for Welby and Dakin and the criminals they uphold, are having a field day on his arrogance in pretending to tell you what to do. I would answer back if I were you, they are vile abusive bullies who helped to smear and destroy me without any regard for my welfare or safety, their abusive propaganda is not reporting, it is their own vile and unregulated vomit, it is time that something is done about them. It would be lovely if the press copied in on this could report on my case, but the lawless Welby and his lawyers and PR and advisors would threaten them into silence, that is how the whole thing works, they unquestioningly report his rubbish and glorify him, and ignore his victims.

The Church of England don't have a safeguarding team, they have a PR team, Graham Tilby, Moira Murray and Caroline Venables have upheld the harm to me, and my abusers, especially Welby and Dakin, who should have been removed and faced police action by now, so don't take any notice of Welby's attack on you with the help of the press and media, you and I know what he is, and I only hope that before or after my death as a result of his abuse of me, he will be made accountable. And remember, he hasn't been arrested over the Winchester College matter, not have Dakin and Fisher, only because they have made up stories with the help of their lawyers and PR firms, which is how the lawless church of england go on operating while committing any crime they like.

JJ - victim of Justin Welby's million pound smear campaign and whitewash

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