Monday, 13 June 2016

Impact Statement and warning to Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership

Impact statement and formal warning to cease to harass pester or annoy the vulnerable adult known to Jersey safeguarding partnership as HG:


Dear Jersey Safeguarding Board,

Let me start by telling you about my day.

Today I had to go to the dentist as I lost a filling, I grind my teeth a lot due to trauma and it breaks teeth and fillings. I try to keep my gum shield in during the night but trauma is such that I rarely can, I fight you and the church and police in my sleep and this impacts on me and my surroundings.

My dentist is excellent, and after a lifetime of bad dentistry, I have a dentist who can usually do repairs without hurting me or using anasthetic, I react badly to anasthetic. However, my jaw is damaged and sensetive, so any work done usually means I need painkillers and a few hours of sleep after a dental appointment as the jaw impacts on the skull and I get a headache even after very careful dental work.

So I left the dentist with the need to sleep as well the urgent need to continue to sort out and dispose of, most of my possessions and most importantly, the need to find somewhere to live, which becomes more urgent and serious with each passing day. I am too weak from your and the Church's constructive murder of me to sleep rough now, you have nearly collectively achieved your aim, my public and utterly humiliated and discredited death.

Your email to me, unprovoked, harassment, took away my sleep, and my time to find a new home and resolve my situation here, so instead of possibly viewing places to live, I ended up sitting here unable to even eat or do anything, with the hooligan crashing about and reminding me that I need to get myself somewhere safe, which I can't do with you harassing me.

This evening, I remembered I had missed Hollyoaks and supper and I really wasn't feeling good, hypoglycemia wouldn't help, so I had to get chips, which is a bad meal but at least I have eaten.
You wrecked my day because you want to force your whitewash report to kill me publicly after what I have already survived, because that is what the Church want and your report was part of their set-up and discrediting of me to clear them and the police. I am in pain and I don't see how I can get up at 6am to do the papers when you have left me so ill and distressed.

You are to stop harassing me, you are to shred the whitewash, you are to stop abusing and intimidating me and putting this pressure on me. You really think after what you have done that I would meet with the creature that has implemented the harm to me? No, I want her to resign along with the corrupt police officer, and you have been sent a formal complaint against her and have failed to implement it, again you are so incompetent that it is small wonder that you are responsible for the abuse of a number of children who's situation you were aware of.When a child is abused, that affects them for life, and when you have allowed and enabled abuse, you have no credibility whatsoever.

This letter lets you know the impact of contacting me when you are my abusers, it also warns you to leave me alone and never ever try to contact me, meet with me or release a harassment attack and breach of the data protection act against me into the public domain disguised as a safeguarding report.

Also, as repeatedly asked, make sure an independent review is carried out into your actions and the wider actions of your friends and colleagues in the Church of England and Police. I know it is a huge task but the more time that goes by and the more damage you do to me, the bigger it gets.



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