Thursday, 17 March 2016

An interview with HG

An Interview about food:
 1. Do you look to see if the vegetables you buy are organic or not? Why? (or why not?)
I can't afford to buy organic vegetables, I can barely afford vegetables.

2. Do you buy free range eggs or battery eggs (usually called “farm fresh!!).
I do buy free range eggs even if they cost more, because I will not deliberately contribute to the cruelty that battery farming is.

3. Do you drink bottled water or tap water when drinking a glass of water?
 I drink tap water, but usually filtered, I can't afford bottled water.

4. Have you ever eaten – snails, frogs legs? 
No, I don't think I have, I am very routine with my food and probably can't afford snails or frogs unless I catch them myself. Now there's an idea! I remember marshalling at Battle when there was that Escargots float, it was my favourite.

5. Jersey dishes – have you eaten congar soup or ormer? Did you like them?
 I have had Black Butter, Cabbage Loaf, Jersey Wonders and Ormer, and also whatever we could catch when low water fishing. I haven't had congar soup as far as I know. Jersey stuff is kind of OK but it is also kind of from a bygone age before imports.

6. A recent article suggested insects are the way of the future for people. Have you ever eaten any insects? Would you like to?
I have occasionally eaten insects when out on my bike. I am not sure that method is very healthy though, and they don't taste nice raw.

7. How do you like your eggs done best? Boiled, poached, fried, hard-boiled, other?
I like boiled or fried eggs, but my tummy doesn't, so I don't often have eggs.

8. Tea or Coffee – which do you prefer? And which kinds of teas / coffees?
 I am bi-caffienal, but with a lean towards tea. I like PG Tips or Typhoo, normal tea, and I like Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee and Wittards non-instant coffee. I can't afford Wittards, my parents sometimes send me some.

9. Do you ever used tinned veg – peas, tomatoes, bakes beans etc?
I have tinned baked beans but I dislike tins, so I don't often use tins. It is the metal that freaks me out.

10. What is your favourite meal? Starter, main and desert!
This is a tough question, I never have starters, I guess parsnip soup is a nice starter, then a nice roast dinner, followed by cheesecake. And then a coffee. Very calorific and very nice. Normally just one course is enough of a meal for me.
Thank you for the interview. 

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