Monday, 21 September 2015

New visitors to the blog


There has been a big increase in viewers of this blog.

I do apologize if you are hoping for new and relevant information.
My day starts at 5.30 as I work as well as being at University, so I am not getting much blogging done.
I think there has been a surge of interest due to the parallels between the deliberate failures of the church and police in Peter Ball's case and my case.

To the people who suffered at Peter Ball's hands, I apologize, I am not trivializing what happened to you. no way.
What happened to you was more serious sexual abuse than I suffered.
What happened to me was sustained sexual and emotional abuse over quite some time, which on top of the terrible childhood I had, was the last straw when I was subjected to the church's denials, cover up and blame.

It must have been awful for Peter Ball's victims to go on seeing him in office as Bishop and to feel unbelieved, and slighted by Butler-Sloss as well. I do know how that feels, being laughed at by my abusers while Jane Fisher destroyed me was indeed intolerable. Jane Fisher being the 'safeguarding director' for the Winchester Diocese who went all-out to destroy me while protecting my abusers in the church.

What more can I say before I go to work?
As yet, no-one is holding the Church of England to account, they are a bit like the government who have shown no remorse for the paedophile ring that has been operating among them.

Paul Butler is usually doing press stunts to get the limelight and make the church look good every time an abuse case is reported.
But he doesn't do anything.
I have been told by a Kendal House survivor that after all the press stunt about an investigation, there hasn't been one yet.
And are the church going to investigate why Ball was left in power, whil Butler was his colleague?
And are they ever going to investigate Jane Fisher and the Winchester Diocese and how the Steel and Korris reports came about?

I have to get to work now. Have a good day.

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