Tuesday, 22 September 2015

David Cameron

When the church of england swung the vote to get their protectors, the conservatives, back into power, did they forsee David Cameron, who is supposedly a Christian, making a meal of making a pig of himself and playing with his food?
There is a new crisis in the UK. mass vegetarianism. The farms will suffer like they did with the foot in mouth crisis.
That's all for now.

Refs - The Church propaganda rag told it's flock that voting conservative was the only way as they were the church's 'natural partners'.
Wealthy, country, uncaring people, yes, they are the church's natural partners, the government and the church both wipe their boots on the faces of the poor and vulnerable. Neither understand nor care for the vulnerable or the needy, they make them into outcasts.

I know I tend to put this song up as a Church of England Anthem but...


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