Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chatting to the Bishop of Winchester


Bishop Dakin,

Where is my copy of the Steel report?
You omitted sending me a copy of the Korris report before or after publishing it, which was unprofessional of you.
Where are my copies of the Steel and Gladwin reports?
There isn't much excuse for not sending them, especially as you have arranged illegal access to my records for these reports,
and are aware that the Korris report has caused much offence and distress by it's release without ensuring it is checked by those who it is about.
And seeing as you are having the Steel report 'looked at by legal and safeguarding people' how about letting it be looked at by the person you are destroying with it?
That's fair isn't it?


So the Bishop tells the Jersey Deanery that he has legal and safeguarding experts looking into their engineered whitewash, 
but as yet, after 7 years, there has been no investigation into what happened to me in Jersey and my complaints.
Maybe the Bishop can call a halt to wasting time and money on the engineered report, which he knows very well is conflicted and omits me, because the longer he keeps this charade up, the more foolish he looks, and instead do a report into my complaints and what happened to me.
An independent report, that includes me.
And I still have not been sent a copy of the Steel report, so please ensure that I am.

And with regards the Church's vote labour campaign, I won't be voting labour due to the Church of England's party political broadcast, neither will anyone who can think for themself.


Bishop Dakin,

Just regarding these 'safeguarding experts and legal experts who are checking the whitewash Steel report.
Are you aware that you are breaking the law by sharing the defamatory material with them, as you are basically defaming me to them?
They don't have my side as my side is not in the Steel report.

Also, can you explain to the general public why you only email me or try to make me only email you through an email address that reads ', as if it is your chaplain emailing me, presumably this is for legal reasons as your chaplain is a barrister and can get himself legally let off if you cause me upset?
Does the Dean and Deanery have to email or be emailed through your chaplain's address?


Dear Bishop Dakin,

Please ensure that I have the contact details of these 'legal and safeguarding experts' who are supposedly looking at the Steel report.
After all, don't they need my side of things too?

And I am sure you don't just mean Batty-Broadbent and Jane Fisher and her close friend and protector. Elizabeth Hall, Fisher and Hall are obviously both conflicted and not very good at safeguarding anyone anyway, so make sure I know who to contact, as soon as possible, regarding the Steel report, which you need to send to me for amendment, as you forgot to do so with the Korris report before releasing it as if it were fact.

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