Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The new Jersey

Apparently, under the new rules, The Diocese of Canterbury gets all the money, while the Diocese of Winchester appoints new clergy to the Channel Islands.
Actually potential clergy are selected by the existing Jersey clergy, who meet candidates and decide who they want. Then they tell Winchester.
And these days they only select clergy who will go along with the cult theme of the Jersey churches.
As I was repeatedly told.

And the Voice of Reason in the comments section, did they ask the people what they wanted?:


Because, if the Church of England have any morals left, which is unlikely, I know, they will remove Dakin for his million pound embarrassment which didn't achieve anything good and needlessly severely harmed me.
If Dakin can't run the Channel Islands, can't deal with a dispute without needing a PR firm and threatens a homeless abuse victim who he forcibly traced and who was begging him and his church not to keep coming after her and violating her, then something is wrong.
He likes showing off and PR, but that doesn't make a Christian, in fact it doesn't make a good person.

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