Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A short letter to the Bishop of Durham on his continued nonsense in the House of Lords



Some idiot, because it has to be an idiot to take in your flannel and lies to protect the church and make it look good, has been trying to force your flannel and spin on me this morning.

As long as Jane Fisher remains in power at Winchester, and as long as you do nothing either about the whitewashes and conflicted reports and as long as you do nothing about Kendal House, you are a sham, a liar and a spin doctor, nothing else, and every time you abuse your power and mislead people, you are re-abusing victims, be quiet, or preferably stop being a sham safeguarding authority, because while you have been in a safeguarding position I have been relentlessly destroyed and had no voice and the church have continued where they left off destroying me in 2011, and I am shattered.
I made a clergy discipline complaint against you because why should the National CSA inquiry end up led by another CofE stooge so that the CofE are never called to account for their institutional abuse? And why should I go on suffering because the CofE have acted illegally.
Until you address these issues, you need to stop abusing your power in the House of Lords and the press, and you should be ashamed of yourself before God and repent.

For goodness sake, how long do we have to endure you? Former Bishop of Southampton protecting an abusive safeguarding officer? Do I have to go back to court to stop you re-abusing victims through misleading press articles and abuse of power in the house of Lords? 
The church's pretence of care and responsibility at the expense of victims, use of victims for PR and self-glorification, is beyond the pale.

Stop wasting time glorifying a corrupt, abusive church that is there for the rich and powerful to console themselves that they are forgiven of their abuses, start doing something about the horrific injustice at Winchester and Kendal House, remove your friend Jane Fisher after her many illegal and seriously harmful actions, which are so glaring that even the Korris report highlights some, and she influenced that to protect herself.
Do something for the victims, who are suffering and do not need a fat man in a purple shirt using them in vainglorious boasts.

The CSA inquiry needs to be independent of the Church of England, not hijacked by it, you have managed to elect two Church of England leaders of that inquiry and both have been dishonest about their links that make them conflicted, much as Steel and Bailhache and others have been in the Jersey inquiry. So, for an honest and fair inquiry, the Church of England and their 'dignitaries' such as Butler-Sloss and Woolf, should be well out of the way, as should you. Please stop using the inquiry to glorify yourself and your corrupt and hugely powerful church, which exists for the rich and powerful to protect themselves.

Jesus wasn't up in government, showing off and abusing power, the Pharisees were. And for some reason the Church of ENgland fails to notice that they are not a Christian orgnaization, they are the modern day pharisees, they have wealth, power, influence in the press and government, dishonesty, abuse of the poor.
While Jesus had nothing, lived a simple life, had no influence in government and whatever media there was, he was on the level of the poor and needy, he was genuine.

You and your church aren't and cannot be genuine, not having left me destroyed by an almighty shambles that is all your making. You are the pharisees and you claim to be Christians, and I am sick of your noise in the press and House of Lords and I want you to go, and stop harming victims by dishonesty and pretending to care and investigate, you have never yet successfully investigated the Church's own abuse, even your Chichester inquiry was rife with cover ups and denials, such as that by your elected CSA inquiry chairwoman, Butler-Sloss, who's husband is rumoured to have visited child prostitutes. 

Please stop misleading people, it isn't Christian, and the more the Church of England continue to veer from Christianity in favour of their image, the more you become a defunct pharisee organization, there to protect the freemasons and powerful position holders who use the church for their own needs.
There is no place in the church for the vulnerable, poor, disabled or children, such people are actively discouraged from being part of the church, not least when the old and very rigid and narrow minded people who like to 'own' the church make children out to be a nuisance or call an autistic visitor 'mentally retarded' and you have a secret apartheide policy against the vulnerable, wherein an abuser can visit the houses of vicars and church leaders, as my abusers could and did, but someone like me is secretly banned without being told why, and is left feeling rejected and hurt, and not because the church want to protect me from abuse, but because they want to protect themselves.

So until you resolve these issues, and until you resolve other issues such as a female General Synod member from Jersey proclaiming that 'Women Bishops are against God' (but apparently not women representing at General Synod) and then the Deanery of Jersey having to do what all other Diocese had to, even those against Women Bishops, and claim to be 'delighted' that there are women Bishops, even though the decision for women Bishops was forced on the church by the government, until the Church of England stop being so blatantly dishonest and abusive and refuse to resolve the harm they have done through abuse and cover ups, please be quiet and stop misleading the Lords and the press, you are offending God, and you are doing so blatantly, and you are also offending me and other victims.
Your fake apology to victims is only seen as duplicity and the more you go on with this charade and misleading gullible people, the further from God your Church goes and the more defunct it becomes.

Your facilitating of abuse of me in the church times was beyond the pale, and if I have to go on putting up with this and my clergy discipline measure against you is not dealt with, I will go to court to stop you re-abusing victims to glorify the church.



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