Friday, 16 January 2015

Does Anyone know if this Damian Thompson chap is married yet?

If not, he has a proposal :)

Would you believe it, the Daily Fail has at least temporarily turned against their employers, the Church of England!


Dear Archbishop Welby,

I am sorry to see that you have come back from pneumonia straight into church propaganda in the press with a vengeance. I can only assume it is because the church has had so many negative mentions regarding abuse while you had a very quick bout of pneumonia.

I think yet again, you are a leading light in hypocracy, as you show off at slamming the government to try and make the church popular.
Whoever writes your propaganda scripts really needs to be replaced.
It is hilarious that you think a narrow, abusive club for the rich that excludes and abuses the poor can slam the government over the poor.
You and your church, in being there, in government as you are, in abusing your power, in upholding the divide between the rich and the poor, in wiping your feet on the poor as you do, in having apartheide policies against the poor, you are upholding the abuse of the poor, you and your church and your billion pounds of church properties held by church commissioners.
When you sell the billions of pounds, and when you right the injustices you cause, such as the Jersey matter, which has had no resolution for the abuse survivor who you oversaw national and local press vilifcation of, rather than bringing justice, and when you recompense Kendal House victims and their families, then you will have more credibility, and indeed will be right in God's eyes, as you are not now as you show of in such hypocracy.
Slamming the government for doing exactly as you do, when you could be spending that time putting the Jersey injustice right? When does your hypocracy end?
Please stop showing off and spreading propaganda, the only response you get in the comments section of the papers and social media is that you are a hypocrite.
And as for setting your lawyers on me over a clergy discipline measure? Thousands of pounds wasted, money which, if you were Christians and going by the Bible, you would be using to feed the poor, not oppressing one person who lives in abject poverty since you destroyed her career and life.

I think I should write a book about your propaganda and how it makes you into a hypocrite, in the meantime why has the clergy discipline measure not been upheld as you continue to mislead the sheeple and annoy people who know better than to believe you.

someone shut the archbishop up, please, he told the press he doesn't believe in God, he maligned his father publicly, he is an embarrassment to the church, a real burden, who is happily losing them numbers by his incessant contradictions.
Uphold my clergy discimpline measure against him, get him to be quiet so abuse victims don't have to suffer him or spin-Doctor Butler any more.


Thank You Daily Fail, for not upholding the Propaganda and Flannel of the church Any More!

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