Friday, 7 November 2014

26/12/2010 written after escaping Jane Fisher and her friends trap

From: *************************************************
Date: 26 December 2010 12:24
Subject: diocean intervention
To: "michael.scott-joynt" <>,

you had me convicted of a crime,
so what reason do you have to keep intervening in my life
now that I have asked you not to
asked you not to thrugh the police?
I believe very strongly that you are doing this to provoke me in order to have me arrested again.
what you did to me in Jersey was a disgrace,
and one that I will never recover from,
I will ask you one last time,
with the police as witnesses,
to stop intervening,
and if you will not,
I will start legal action
no matter what the consequences are to me.
And don't try to pull the 'mentally ill' trick
in reply to this,
because of you driving me to despair by your actions,
I have been declared free from mental illness 7 times!
I am autistic and in severe distress from what you have done to me
and your continued harm.
I am very capable of looking after myself on the streets
so I will alos not appreciate what I think you intend
a combined police and social services attempt to detain me
I have too many witnesses to say that I am competent and capable.
I would politely ask the police to be aware that the diocese of Winchester,
especially Jane Fisher
have continued to intervene in my life
and caused me deep deep distress and ruined my Christmas.
please could the diocese and Jane Fisher now completely refrain.
I have been trapped by one of Fisher's friends and shouted and jeered at
in a situation set up by fisher,
and spent that night in deep distress,
hence some officers seeing me fleeing into the city centre without my shoes on.
I was convicted for my frustration at the church refusing to deal with my complaint of abuse and misconduct
frustrated autistic in distress kept speaking out
and they silenced me by having me convicted
I came home to Hampshire but was driven from my friends, the homeless services and every church in the county
by the diocese continuing to intervene
why? when they have had me convicted and taken my life from me,
my home, my job, my future,
convicted a traumatised autistic abuse victim who they failed in their duty of care to,
and are now continuing to traumatise by interening and preventing me accessing any support, preventing me building trust or friendships, preventing me worshipping, when life is agonising enough without this.
I have repeatedly asked them to stop, I have been provoked to contact them because despite them having me convicted for contacting them about my complaint and the dreadful way they handled it, they are harrassing me by continuing to intervene.

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