Wednesday, 19 November 2014

the church marketing campaign at the expense of victims

JayJay Nortyperson

9:28 AM (0 minutes ago)
Dear Bishop Butler and Archbishop Welby,

As you continue the insipid sobbing for show and huge PR and marketing campaign at the expense of victims, when are you going to deal with the sickening whitewash and Press PR campaign at my expense that has destroyed me, and when are you going to provide a proper impartial investigation into the Diocese of Winchester, including Jane Fisher destroying me, Paul Butler refusing to deal with his friend Jane Fisher, Jane Fisher's many many illegal actions that have destroyed and harmed me, and also Bishop Dakin's illegal actions.

I was an early part of your PR and marketing campaign and you discarded me leaving me broken and living in fear, it remains the case, you destroyed me for your PR and marketing campaign, and while Welby is weeping for show, he has never even bothered to contact me about my case or reply to me.
He has also failed to bring any form of impartial inquiry into my case and has left the situation unjustly unresolved.

I beg of you, can the insipid, duplicious noise in the press stop? It grates on the nerves of us who you have refused justice to and the families and friends of those who are dead as a result of church of england abuse.
The fact that you have a monopoly on the press and they keep printing your marketing campaign free of charge does not change the fact that you are a corrupt, Godless, self-serving and exclusive organization, and while you continue to defame me to aid your claims that 'You put abuse victims first' you continue to sicken me.

You do not put abuse victims first until you sell your palaces and treasures to pay for the keep and welfare of abuse victims, and you are wasting so much of that money on your marketing campaign and making me and others sick, there is no sign that you put abuse victims first except in your terrible fantasy world, the same one where you publicly suspended the Dean of Jersey, splashed it all over the press, publicly cleared him and destroyed me through biased inquiries.

Please put this abuse victim first and shut up for at least a few weeks, your insipid showing off really is getting too much for this victim who you destroyed.

And please, when we get rid of your latest rogue candidate to lead the national CSA Inquiry, can we possible see an independent impartial candidate, not one of your hand picked stoodges?

I am still waiting to hear from Welby about why he has spent the last two years destroying and defaming me and refusing justice or an independent investigation or why he has allowed the abusive safeguarding officer who destroyed me to continue unchecked and why he did not arrange for my side to be included in the non-independent and defamatory reports.

Please, someone step in and get the Church of england and their self-glorification after they have destroyed me, to stop. The papers and public should not be supporting this corrupt power-heavy government department in destroying victims through their marketing campaign at their expense.

It is so easy to use victims and very easy to dupe them and members of the public into thinking your loud noise is genuine, but as a destroyed victim who has had to endure and nearly not survive, your sickening press campaigns about my case, and the defamation and smear campaigns, I see your noise as noise, damaging noise that has destroyed me over and over and is limiting my life as I wait for the next attack, the next lie, the next defamatory whitewash report. You have horrifically damaged me and have left me living in fear for my home and community as I await the next attack, the next defamatory report, the next nasty press release such as that of the church times where your nasty one-sided defamation of me was included in one of your PR and marketing at the expense of victims campaigns. 

When does it stop? when do you start putting victims first and stop using them in this duplicious crocodile tears campaign?
How can you possibly put victims first when you publicly vilify them through non-independent reports like Korris, which was written aided by Butler-Sloss and Elizabeth Hall and Jane Fisher and basically was Jane Fisher's cover up and excluded my story completely? 

Where is a report that tells my side? Because until you produce that, until you stop this loud noise on the back of such sickening permenantly damaging attacks on me, you are spitting on God.

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