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Tired of waiting for the next lying life-wrecking onslaught, lets make them get on with it


Dear Bishop Dakin and Archbishop Welby, 

I am writing because you are leaving me on death row waiting to be destroyed by your conflicted and whitewash reports. 
Waiting for reports that omit my story and vilify me to cover up for your clergy and safeguarding officer, Jane Fisher, while suffering the henious damage done to me by the Korris report is a breach of my human rights and invalidates you as a Christian Church, you are only using the word Christian and claiming to represent God in vain as you make me suffer. 

I have a suggestion, why don't you let me know when you are releasing your defamatory whitewashes and I will release a full published book about what I have suffered at your hands at the same time? This would even things up and allow me to be heard wouldn't it? Especially as you have the unchristian control over the media that means you use the National Press to self-glorify while ensuring they do not tell the stories of victims, this again shows you up as not a Christian church but a powerful and influential corporation, much as the pharisees were in Jesus lifetime. 
The thing with a book is, it will not be gagged as the press are, you are not in control of publishers here or internationally, and you will not be able to do as Jersey does with books that might harm their name and ban the books.  I am unafraid of being sued by you because again that will highlight that you are a cold unChristian corporation and have acted only with your own interests and cover ups in mind, and that your public national press and Korris report attack on me were merely showing off and to do with the fact you averted a government inquiry into church abuse. 

A book, telling the truth and the proceeds going to charities that support your cold corperation's victims of sexual and emotional abuse would be good, not illegal as your harassment of me is. I will not be the first survivor to write about you, and the world needs to know what is really going on, don't they, integrity is the base of your faith? (you and I know integrity is nothing to do with you, but it should be).

I am not prepared to sit on death row, waiting for you, your pet police, pet press, or your whitewash reports and resulting smear campaigns to destroy me again. Make an announcement regarding your pathetic degradation of this vulnerable adult, this week, and never mind that Bailhache has told you to wait so that it doesn't clash with his election campaign as Chief Minister of Jersey, after which he will make you release the reports anyway, you will take into account that no matter what decision you have come to against me because of one-sided cover up reports that omit me, you are very deliberately harming a vulnerable adult because she is unable to get on with normal life and plan for the future while waiting for you to destroy her yet again. 
I would love to see you publicly flay a rapist or armed robber as you have and are publicly flaying me, I really would, but I am much more of a criminal to you for having been abused in your church and spoken up, and continued speaking up against wrongdoing among your employees and the terrible behaviour of your safeguarding officer Jane Fisher.

Now, as you have not had to the courtesy to speak to me as human or communicate with me properly in 18 months since you wrecked my life again in your crazy self-glorification in the press and launch of the Korris rubbish that destroyed me over again, I would like an answer to a few of my questions, directed mainly at Bishop Dakin: 

  • what exactly is destroying me and putting me through unutterable hell achieving? Why do you consider the ongoing breach of my rights and privacy acceptable or appropriate? 
  • Why did you claim to have received the Steel report last year and claim before it was released that someone had made a legal bid to stop it's release? Who would have known before it's release that it contained anything that might affect them? You have been unable to explain this to the press or me. 
  • Why then did you claim earlier this year that you were about to release this report but that it would harm me? Why did you intend to release a report done by a close colleague and friend of Philip Bailhache, the Senator-judge-lawyer-church officer who was acting for the Dean, a report that omitted my side of things.  Why continue a blatantly conflicted report and ignore protests, especially from a survivor and people in the know?
  • Why then did you not release the report but the Church of England more recently claimed this report needed thousands of pounds of work done on it? Why exactly did a report completed last year without my side of things keep needing to be altered? And how can any member of the public have faith in a report that is repeatedly withdrawn, challenged or altered?  
  • Why as Christians do none of you involved in this matter have a shred of decency, integrity or honesty? For 18 months and more you have misled the press, used me as an object in a petty battle, played with reports that cover up for wrongdoers, misled the press and harmed me immesurably, what have I done that God has not forgiven me for, that you keep relentlessly stoning me? When has a single stone been cast at wrongdoers in your employ? When has my statement in full against them been recorded? 
  • An example of you misleading the press 'No action to be taken against the Dean of Jersey' At what point did you add that you have no power to take action against the Dean of Jersey and that this whole farce has been about your illegal suspension of the Dean and subsequent backtracking and allowing the Deanery of Jersey to write the script and tell you where to go, when you are to blame as did not bother to research your power in respect of Jersey?  Deliberately omitting the real situation and thus pointing the finger of blame at me is a sin you will have to stand before God and answer to Him for, it is utterly appalling that senior clergy in the Church of England can deliberately mislead the public through the press and cause years of continuous relentless damage to a vulnerable person. Not a single person released from prison for real or deliberate crimes suffers this fear for their life and future awaiting further public destroyal by the church that I, as a vulnerable adult, am being made to suffer. You, Bishop and Archbishop should be ashamed of yourselves and should repent and turn from your love and money and turn back to God. What you have done and are doing to me is henious and inexcusable, you have basically in clearing the Dean, publicly discredited me further after the henious Korris report, which you bandied around with pride, as if it was a real independent report, when reality is that it was not independent, aided by Butler-Sloss and Elizabeth Hall and written from Jane Fisher's carefully selected notes. A cover up of Fisher's misconduct, a henious misrepresentation of me, and an attack on the Dean of jersey which fell short due to vital evidence being omitted.  Worse, it was not worth the paper it was written on as it omitted what really happened with Jane Fisher and the Bishop after I left Jersey, when is a full report into that due?
  • When do I receive my public/private apology for the harm done to me by the Korris rubbish, the fact you let someone unqualified carry out a report that you published internationally as fact when it omitted me, and refused to add the amendments of mine sent to you by Jan Korris and myself after the report was published? When do I receive an apology for your threats when I protested and demanded that you did not allow a repeat of the illegal violations of my life and privacy by Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt in 2010/11 that led them repeatedly having me brutalized and detained by police, why did you threaten me over that and then proceed to violate me in exactly the same way AFTER adding an afterthought to your threats, that there would be no unsolicited intervention? 
  • Why did you broadcast and show off around a so-called apology to me by the Dean, publishing it on your website at the same time as clearing and re-instating him but not at any point making me aware of this apology, and why exactly did the Dean fake apologize if you have cleared him of wrongdoing?  Why was this apology never even sent to me, nor was I alerted, but the church showed off with it on their website because of the potential government investigation into church abuse, and conveniently wheeled Paul Butler out to keep making a noise about church safeguarding to prevent government investigation! The noise by Butler has changed nothing in the church's appaling attitude to survivors, he is a PR man and he harms victims with his empty noise, and again he is an example of the church abusing the press for their own ends and giving an impression of a caring church as the church continues to harm victims.
  • Why have you allowed clergy in your employ and laity who work in church reader and officer positions, to lie and smear me in the press? Where is the apology for that and when is that and the safeguarding failure that that is, to be investigated? 
  • Are you aware that every  single press and report release in this matter by you has been harassment against me? 
  •  Incidentally, why was the Korris report still displayed on your website when all sides ssaid it was inaccurate, and it was only removed earlier this year so that you could say so to a court of law? Removing it to cover your backs did not remove the year of damage it did. 
  • Why has jane Fisher remained in this matter and influencing it when her misconduct has caused this horrendous million pound mess, she has damaged me more than anyone else in this matter, including the churchwarden, and you have refused to deal with formal complaints against her? 
  • May I ask when there is to be an inquiry and report into my complaints against the Dean of Jersey, clegy and laity in the Deanery of Jersey and the actions and behaviours of Safeguarding director, Jane Fisher, because in all your destroyal of me in the last 18 months you appear to have forgotten these complaints and have left Jane Fisher especially, unpunished and free to go on harming and violating me. Your actions in using me to publicly attack the Dean of Jersey and getting the only realistic reaction such an insane attack could bring, a smear campaign against me to protect the Dean, while not dealing with Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Joynt's criminal behaviour, makes any attempt to call your actions a safeguarding investigation a joke. 
  • Public apologies, when, since clearing the Dean, have you given him a public apology such as your fake ones to me at the beginning of launching on me in the national press and leaving me further estranged from friends, family and community? The Dean has  not had a public apology from you has he? why? If you have cleared him? Leaving aside the reality that he has committed serious misconduct, most of which is not recorded in the Korris report nor by your safeguarding director who denied it and blamed me, nor by any subsequent report, as all of them omit me completely. Also, why did you publicly apologize to me in the beginning, threaten me for asking for no repeat of the violations of my life which allowed Jane Fisher to get me a police record, why in fact did you have me traced by the same police you had had me brutalized and destroyed with, only to threaten me and proceed to violate me again in exactly the same way in order to claim to the press that you had 'worked hard to get me help' when you did that ridiculous 'lost last least' statement that proved you not to be a Christian as your statement in judging me as lost last or least, especially considering your own behaviour, was pharisaical and disgusting. Also, you offered no private apology nor meeting with me before launching the Gladwin-Steel whitewash but misled my mediator and others by claiming you had, where is the proof? Have you privately apologized to the Dean?  
  • Why am I living in fear? Of you having me shamed and slandered and driven from my community again? Of the police turning up on my doorstep because they have acted as your private mafia, you are allowed to harass me but if I respond, the police act for you against me, and you have threatened me, why have you continued to vilify and criminalize me? Why do you not allow me to try to live a normal life? Nothing I have done has harmed you, and everything you have done has harmed me, I am vulnerable, broken, and living in fear. There is no excuse on earth or in heaven for the situation as it is now. And you having claimed this is about safeguarding, having left me open to abuse and harm from abusers and police who have not heard my story for the rest of my life, as well as leaving me with a lifelong branding by police which will limit my work and life, can only safeguard me now by getting out of my life and letting me try to go on living one day at a time in grinding poverty with no career, no hope of working again and damaged for life, and please burn your pathetic whitewashes when you go, and stop Jane Fisher from continuing to harass me as she did recently by adding me on twitter with a jeer that nothing has been done about her and she is so matey with Sally Dakin and gets to go to Guernsey, presumably to continue to cover up what has really happened with the Lihous and Honours. 
  • When will you go back to the very basic matter that no matter how many whitewashes you do, and no matter how they have been hijacked by the freemason-States member-judiciary-lawyer-church laity/clergy clique in Jersey, the fact remains that you allowed an abuser to access me and take me home, despite him being a known offender and in church positions, you allowed him to 'adopt' me and take me home despite him being under a chaperoning policy, and you allowed me to be blamed and shamed for the resulting dreadful situation, and no matter how you vilify me, that wont change. 
  • Lets talk about the illegal actions you have taken with regards to Jersey police and officer Gull and Heather Steel, and the Jersey sham safeguarding board, what report will that be included in? Do you think that you are going to completely wipe my voice and credibility out with the Steel-Gladwin (Bailhache) report? Because I recall the Chichester Inquiry being a whitewash and eventually Lady Don’t-Give-The-Press-a Bishop was exposed as too were the inaccuracies in the report she and Gladwin did. The Church putting themselves and their reputation first, but this time no matter what you do, you have wasted a million in destroying a lone vulnerable adult, so when are you going to arrange for her side to be heard, when are the press going to report accurately and when will this be about safeguarding and not petty political battles and destroying an already destroyed person for the sake of self-glorification, cover ups and avoidance of liability by the church and anyone in it. 
  • Why was Jane Fisher, with a formal complaint against her, allowed to go to Jersey last year during the smear campaign, liase with police to pervert the course of justice, while neither doing anyting about the harm by the smear campaign nor dealing with a vulnerable adult's complaint that he was left homeless with a day's notice by a member of Jersey clergy for no good reason? Why has that also not been dealt with?  Why was the course of Justice perverted so that Jersey police launched on me as I collapsed from the illegal referral to the police by Jane Fisher and was left in further collapse. Apparently new evidnce from Jane Fisher, who had obviously perverted the course of justice by witholding it, led to Jersey police trying to make me get my abuser convicted, for the church's own needs and reasons, when Jersey police have a grand record of prosecuting 2 out of 28 rape cases and nothing as changed in Jersey from the abuser being well connected and supported to the point of destroying me before, with Jane Fisher standing by and saying it didn't happen. You need to start a new inquiry, not a whitewash one with a friend of the wrongdoers running it.
  • What both jersey and Hampshire police need to come to understand, hopefully through HMIC inspections is, they were not put there as a private mafia for the rich and powerful, they are there to protect the vulnerable and stop abuse, not beat the shit out of abuse victims to silence and discredit them, and if they continue to be that and to harass and harm me for such as this letter, which is not harassment, they need to act for me against you as well, an equal right, and equal complaint, instead of beating me and detaining me for responding to your provokaction and allowing you to continue to provoke me unchecked. I await Hampshire and Jersey police being dealt with for acting for you against me.( Who's in charge of Jersey police? A church of england reader, Home Affairs Minister for Jersey, friend of my abuser, defender of the Dean, has any report mentioned this?)

I am not waiting in fear any longer, Dakin/Welby, attack now and lets bring this battle out in the open, fair press reporting and both sides heard, not just the cowardly dishonest and press-controlling corporation that is the Church of England.  Lets get my book published in reply to your whitewashes and acts of hatred, because I want to get on with my life, such as it is since you destroyed me, and for 18 months you have been constricting it. I want to forget you and your unChristian church. My human rights involve living in peace and without fear, you are breaching my human rights, you are also acting unlawfully in harassing me through press releases, reports and interference in my life in any way.
The illegal referral to the NSPCC is an extreme example of Jane Fisher's harassment of me, and it has yet to be dealt with, along with all other illegal interventions by her in Jersey, Winchester and onwards, and I am waiting for both you and the police to act on this, not in having me beaten and detained again but by preventing Jane Fisher from working with vulnerable adults.

I am sure you have been working hard on gathering evidence against me, but remember this, no one comes out of hell a shining angel and the level to which I was damaged by 2012 should have killed me and nearly did, and I chose life, you came along and wrecked it again, you are choosing hell for yourselves when you face God by acting in unChristian ways to justify yourselves. God hates your arrogance and unforgiveness and the way you have presented one side of the story to the world and excluded my side.
What are you in your positions and earning fat salaries for? Who are you there for? For yourselves, who have never suffered and thus feel able to judge me? Where does God and Christianity come into it? Show me, because your examples do not.

Last but not least, lying to a court of law in order to enable you to go on harming me? how do you reconcile that to Jesus?


HG, Jersey abuse survivor.

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