Saturday, 13 September 2014

Funny, this BBC story exactly matches one of the two that Julie Wallman tells

Those of you who don't know, Julie Wallman is the woman who worked with Bob Hill to illegally hand me back into the diocese of Winchester/Jane Fisher's 'care' without my consent and knowledge and no matter how Bob Hill has bullied me and lied about it, it remains the case.

It was funny to see the exact story Julie told me about her life in Jersey, but not her other story about how she worked for Channel Television, told in this link below:

Funny, identical stories.
I wonder which of Julie's stories is true, the one like the one in the link above, or the one she told on the suddenly conveniently deleted Ted Vibert election campaign which was online until I mentioned to Bob about Julie's two lives not long ago.  Fascinating. How funny that two people lived the same story and Julie has two life stories.

Bob is desparate about the abuse inquiry, really forcing evidence on them, including illegally trying to push my case on them and causing me extra harm by going in the press about it when asked to desist, so it would not surprise me as he dropped my case without warning in June this year because of his obsession with the care inquiry, that he and Julie have been liasing regarding the care inquiry just as they did with my case.

But in my case, they lost all credibility and became agents for the church of england when they went behind my back to hand me over to my destroyer Jane Fisher:

  1. Election 2011 - Ted Vibert
    Jump to Julie Daly-Wallman - Julie was born in Jersey and started work as a humble "runner" with Channel Television and then joined the BBC in ...
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