Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Message to Bishop Tim Dakin and the Diocese of Winchester

Dear Bishop Dakin and Diocese of Winchester,

You have made this year very very traumatic and difficult for me, your actions and the stress as a result of your actions have led to me being alienated, isolated, prevented from seeking help, unable to continue with college and charity work, and generally you have upset the rebuild of my life and left me in poor health and very traumatized and psychologically damaged.

It appears that you have had no thought for, or understanding of, my welfare, and have used me as a pawn in a fight with the Deanery of Jersey.

The end result for me is that I am not very well, and due to having been on incapacity benefits for three years now, I am likely to be sent back to work by the benefits agency despite not being fit due to the damage that your actions over the past year has caused to my health, this leaves me facing a bleak future as well as the possibility that I will not be able to afford my therapy, which is not available on the NHS.

I would ask you, in the spirit of goodwill that is reputed to be around at this time of year, not to further harm me in the New Year, years of harm at the hands of the Diocese of Winchester leads me to believe that you have not and will not cease to intervene in my life and harm me, and I would beg you to desist from harming me and not return to your efforts in the New Year, you have left me crippled for life with a record that you got me due to your own negligence and incompetence, and no further intervention by you is necessary, I will never recover and am unlikely to ever have quality of life again as a result.

Your handling of the abuse I have suffered and the misconduct of your clergy has been appalling and the way you have acted throughout this year, with the production of inaccurate reports that omit my side of things, your violations of my life and the way you have treated me, ending in your utterly ludicrous statement that included branding me 'lost, last or least' is inexcusable and appalling and I am sure, just as everyone saw through that statement, you know you cannot stand before God and say that you have acted with integrity.

I would ask again that you do not renew your onslaught against me in the new year, I am facing a bleak future due to your actions and am very very damaged physically and mentally by your actions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


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