Sunday, 9 July 2017

A few letters from the Premier Blitz Weekend/ #synod

07/07/2017  To the Bishop of Winchester, CC Safeguarding Director Jackie Rowlands, the National Safeguarding Team , the Archbishop of Canterbury and Hampshire Constabulary

Dear Bishop Tim Dakin,

I am writing to remind you that you have left me publicly destroyed from a three year smear campaign that ended last year with you publicly destroying and discrediting me but failing to tell the general public the reason you had to discredit me, that I had take  you to court over the conflicted whitewash attack on me created by the conflicted Dame Heather Steel.

The depth of illegal activity and misconduct that you and your associated clergy and laity have committed is serious, severe, no other organization except the lawless church of england would get away with such atrocities and not be closed down with multiple arrests. And what really concerns me is that the church are behaving in this illegal and dangerous way at the same time as running schools and having charge of little children. I am sure that you can appreciate how severe the safeguarding risk is.

I would also like to point out that getting your staff or safeguarding director to put the phone down on me when I phone to remind you that this matter isn't resolved and I am suffering is not making the matter go away. Although I do understand from recent articles by other survivors that this is now church of england policy right up to the National Safeguarding Team who are doing the same to survivors, as you may have seen from my blog and Mark's blog where these articles and interviews by survivors are printed.

There needs to be a report into what I have suffered in the Diocese of Winchester from 2001 onwards and also a very serious report into the harm against me that you have led since 2013. This is also a complaint that you are still not safeguarding and have a collusive safeguarding director who thinks that putting the phone down on me and ignoring my emailed and written complaints will make them go away. Nothing will make this go away, it just makes your staff and safeguarding director guilty of cover-up and aiding and abbetting your crimes.

 I may die as Peter Ball's victim did, but hopefully in an arranged suicide at Dignitas, but what I have said as you destroyed me and since you destroyed me will never go away, no matter how much of congregants money you fraudulently use on PR or lawyers, and no matter how much you instruct your staff and they obey, to block me, ignore me or put the phone down on me - what that equates to is you trying to make the reality of your wrongdoing go away. Peter Ball was protected by George Carey just as you have been protected by Justin Welby. Anyone involved is guilty and putting the phone down so that what I say isn't heard is not making it go away.

Justin Welby and John Sentamu are extremely guilty for protecting you and allowing your unchecked harm to continue, as is every person I have contacted who are afraid to act against the Church. But that doesn't make the harm go away, those men who have protected you are as guilty as you, for allowing you, indeed in Justin Welby's case, aiding you in unhealably destroying me and almost causing my suicide.

Sincerely, your victim, JJ#


Dear Archbishop John Sentamu,

I wrote to you a few years ago regarding the way I was being destroyed by the Bishop of Winchester.
Unfortunately, dissapointingly, you failed completely in your duty of care and in safeguarding me and allowed the Bishop to go right on destroying me, with the support and assistance of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and I was nearly killed as a result and have been left utterly destroyed, suffering anguish and trauma and in severe distress. I have no support or help due to the abuses of power, and I would like you to take responsibility for your failings.

I enclose  5 reports and 2 books relating to my case, and they are only part of the story, I live in poverty, I can't afford to send you any more at the moment. If the parcel has been opened by your staff and the books are missing, you must retrieve them as eventually this matter will be investigated and you can't plead ignorance.

The reports are HG Jersey Safeguarding Report, Very Cuttings, The Hill Report, The Fisher Report, Safeguarding Team Audit, and the books are The Rogue to Canterbury and Destruction. This is also a formal complaint about DR Daphne Green, your disgraced Safeguarding Director. It doesn't matter what status or title a church safeguarding officer is, if they degrade and rubbish victims and do not act, and in my case she has rubbished me and failed to act, so you need to deal with her.

When I rang your offices a few years ago, Daphne was initially friendly but demanded the gory details of the abuse rather than addressing the real issue of the massive safeguarding failure, she was lecherous and lavscious and not bothered about leaving me in tears, maybe she is in the job for the purpose of sexual need rather than safeguarding.

But then she was 'advised' about me, through the church's internal slander and self-protection machine, and she rubbished me. At the time I was in collapse over the November 2015 attack on me over the Steel report, which led to Bob Hill's collapse, and Daphne Green's behaviour to me and denial, and claim that you had done everything you could about the Bishop of Winchester was inappropriate and insulting, that was the end of her career in safeguarding or would have been if the church was any normal and ethical organization.

Neither you nor Daphne Green dealt with the Bishop, you left me suffering and being destroyed, and that is evidenced, so this is a formal complaint. Would you please kindly do your duty regarding this matter, and it is your duty, as the Archbishop of Canterbury is a rudderless noise machine and the matter was referred to you as he has no capability whatseoever to address any serious matters or hold the church accountable, you took the matter but failed to act, and the damage to me as a result is your responsibility and now, belatedly, you must do something about it as well as replacing your disgraced safeguarding officer who thinks slandering and believing slander is an alternative to safeguarding.

No lessons have been learned from the Peter Ball case, his victims were slandered and discredited and one of them is dead, I also nearly died, slandered and shamed, but now you must act.

JJ/HG - victim of the million pound Winchester and Jersey cover-up

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