Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Christmas Prayers

Good evening peeps,

I am doing the Christmas Prayers a few days early due to the rather uncertain and transient situation I am in.

It isn't easy for me to pray any more, due to being destroyed by the Godless Church of England, so why don't I pray for them to start with. The Bible says pray for your enemies, and those people who have destroyed me make a show of praying for me, condescendingly and convince themselves of their innocence and good motive by doing so. 

  • I pray for them, that the scales will fall from their eyes. I pray in Jesus Name that all those involved in harming me, especially Justin Welby, Tim Dakin and Trevor Willmott and their associated staff and clergy are divinely guided in 2017 by their God to 'resign' as the Dean did. And I pray that they are blessed, no matter how evil and corrupt and psychopathic they have been. Because that is what Jesus wants, for us to bless our enemies and destroyers, and that is a theme throughout the Bible, it does not remove what they have done, I just pray a blessing on them, because I am perverse. Amen
  • I pray for anyone feeling as awful as I am or having survived or not so much survived complex and prolonged harm. No-one should ever have to feel like this. I pray for a better life for anyone who has been destroyed, especially those destroyed by powerful abusers who are above accountability. Amen
  • I pray for anyone who is dreading this Christmas due to loneliness, hardship, abuse of any kind, illness, bereavement, separation or any loss or tragedy. In Jesus Name, amen.
  • I pray especially for the homeless, my street brothers and sisters, those who will be reached by outreach this Christmas and those who won't. I pray that some of them will feel valued enough to start their journeys home. I pray that all will be able to survive the winter. Thank you Lord that one of our homeless couples have been housed. Amen
  • Thank you Lord for those who look after the homeless. Especially the two charities that I am in contact with. Bless them Lord. Amen
  • I pray about the toy appeals and their work, that no child gets missed out. I pray for all those children who have very little to look forward to this Christmas, I remember my own homeless childhood. Lord bless the children this Christmas, You and I know what it is like to be homeless and have nothing at Christmas and no child deserves nothing for Christmas or at any time. Bless them Lord, amen.
  • Lord look after the elderly, those who are cold or alone and feel left out or isolated this Christmas, send warmth and light and love. Amen
  • Lord, it is hard to ask because the Jersey Deanery are over to Satan and a lost cause, but please change that, if you can, turf the evilangelicals out or close the defunct churches down to prevent injury to any more children or vulnerable adults. Amen
  • Lord bless my friends and the people in my life, especially those who have blessed me by reading my books and giving helpful feedback. Amen
  • Lord I pray for vulnerable people who are scared by the news and the EU exit and other issues such as terrorism. Amen
  • I pray that the Church of England stop being able to use news and current affairs to glorify themselves as it upsets their victims and the general public. Amen
  • I pray for justice and resolution and peace for abuse victims, especially those suffering barriers to justice and miscarriages of justice and being treated badly for speaking up, and I pray for all the victims and survivors who have spoke up recently, as the old wounds will be re-opened. Amen
  • I pray for everyone going out celebrating this Christmas, those who celebrate with alcohol and parties and those who celebrate by going to midnight Mass, may there be no collisions between them. May everyone return home safely. Amen
  • I pray that 2017 will be a better year for me and for us all. I pray that 2017 will be the year that the Church of England repent and take responsibility for their evil or that they will be held accountable by another authority. In Jesus Name I beg and pray this, amen.

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