Friday, 30 December 2016

Gavin Ashenden

I deleted the post about Ashenden because it was offensive.
Offensive to Muslims.

However. If you want to know more about the offensive unchristian clergyman who worships his own ego, there is a guy in Jersey who writes about him and his offensive behaviour.

You have to wonder what Bishop Willmott thinks safeguarding means when Ashenden attacks any vulnerable group and Willmott spouts to the unquestioning press and media about safeguarding being good?
Especially as Ashenden tends to view my blog when he has been looking at porn sites, his feed always comes up as transferring from porn to my blog. Weird or what?

I remember one of the former students at Sussex telling me why Ashenden went insane, his wife was very ill and he tried to look after her, she got better and left him.
He has been nuts ever since, apparently, and he is the church of england's advert as they uphold his persistent narrow-minded and prejudiced rants.

As yet the church of england, especially the joke of a national safeguarding team, are doing nothing about him and have condoned his attacks on me and on muslims, other races and nations, disabled people, homosexual people and any minority group he feels able to attack to meet his own needs.

Anyone who thinks the man's behaviour is Christian has never read or understood the New Testament or Jesus' teachings.

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