Sunday, 21 August 2016

White hats and black hats

Jane Dodds, Muriel Nicholas.
Two safeguarders suddenly vanished.
One from Jersey's unsafeguarding partnership and the other from the Church of England.
Very worrying. No one has resolved my case yet, I still live in fear.

But the casualties on the Black Hats Side is far steeper than on the White Hats side.

On the whitehats there is only Bob Hill wounded and out of action and HG walking wounded and still playing with grenades.

The mysterious loss of CofE blackhats is a puzzle. Elizabeth Hall, Jill Sandham, Jane Fisher, nearly Butler but he has come back for a second round of grenades, why can't they keep anyone? Presumably because anyone with a conscience can't work in safeguarding when they are not allowed to safeguard.
So is Graham Tilby going to leave as well, or is he to swap his hat from white to black?

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