Monday, 22 August 2016

Announcing the Books

Yes, well, I will announce the books for the first time, and then I will go and collect my washing from the laundry.
I have been working this morning but I am exhausted and I am sitting here trying to edit several other books, and I am actually wearing a jumper! The third book has had some blips with publishing but I hope that it will be available without too much delay. There are a few errors here and there, but I want to be heard before the CofE kill me. Sorry I can't lower the prices more, the royalties are quite low and any money made will make my life a bit less harsh.

Coming Home was the first to publish. This was written freehand in a month, and it describes the rebuild of my life from when I left the streets, against the backdrop of the petty and vicious Church of England un/civil war and their launches in the press:

The Silent World is my second book. This describes my childhood:

Goodnight Anna is my best book. Life on the streets in glorious reality colour. Goodnight Anna has had some technical issues but I hope that it is on sale now or soon without further issues.

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