Thursday, 23 June 2016

We have got to a stage in this nasty nasty game called 'who will launch on HG next?'

Sue Bowles and Bishop Crook, 

Do you think I need lies from a Bishop who has upheld a paedophile protector who is the lay chair of the Jersey synod?
Do you think I need lies from a Bishop who has upheld two paedophile protectors who have abused the press and dual church and States roles in order to harm a vulnerable adult?

I have made a complaint, and while Juliet Montague's ex-boyfriend, Bishop Trevor continues to lie about safeguarding and uphold wrongdoers and actually take part in very questionable activities in the church, he has nothing but lies.

Let me re-iterate, I have made a formal complaint against the behaviour of the Dean and Deanery of Jersey and that stands until it is actioned properly.

How long ago did I make this complaint? Well it has actually been a live complaint now for a number of years while the Jersey Deanery have been free to destroy me publicly and through the press, and Bishop Trevor's response to all this and the two paedophile protectors harming me from their conflicted church-government-judiciary positions was to abuse the press himself by claiming safeguarding in the churches was good. Backed by the Archbishop's upholding of this, despite neither Bishop Trevor nor the Archbishop ever having met me, heard my side or made sure my side was included in any of the conflicted whitewash reports.

Do you have any idea how traumatic it is to be contacted right now so that the Bishop can lie to me? I am homeless and destitute and destroyed after the recent onslaught against me by the church, press and complete strangers who attack me because of the lies in the press. 
It is too late for the church to make a pretence of response, and especially Juliet Montague's ex-boyfriend, Bishop Trevor.

Juliet used to really make us laugh when she came home with tales of the Bishop wooing her and their little times together, he was a joke even back then.

Seeing him in Jersey manipulating the vulnerable was shocking when I lived in jersey, he was really in with the very questionable activities such as the paedophile fest that couldn't possibly be anything to do with God, where the leaders got the children to lay hands on people. Safeguarding in Jersey is good? You should have seen the greasy paedophiles huffing and puffing their way to the front of the qeue, and that was normal in the Jersey church and undoubtedly still is, it is the one place where paedophiles and their protectors know, especially from watching me be destroyed, that they are pretty much invited to go in and pick out victims. Bishop Trevor abuses the press to openly uphold this, because gathering from Juliet Montague, his own morals are deeply skewed.

I would like to re-iterate my formal complaint against the Dean and Deanery of Jersey and remind Bishop Trevor that lying about safeguarding in the press whilst knowingly employing men who have put children at risk, is Godless and dishonest and harmful to me and other victims of church abuse.

I do not care for a response from a Bishop who is known to be devious and to uphold wrongdoers, did you see the showing off about his expensive new crook that the churches in Jersey bought him as a thank you for protecting their wrongdoing, what does that have to do with Christianity, wasting money on things that God would not condone instead of helping the poor? Pathetic, and to use the press for it? The modern day pharisees. Jesus turned the tables over in anger, 'two thousand years go by, still they cry 'crucify, crucify!' It is disgusting.

Now, for the past three years, Bishop Trevor has overseen the Jersey Deanery abusing their power and publicly destroying me, his response has been to lie in the press about safeguarding, thus further harming me. He upholds wrong and thus his belated 'response' after the recent attack on me from which I have no recovered, is about as valid as his claims about safeguarding.
Not valid at all.

Make sure he ensures a full independent investigation into my formal complaint. 
I know the church don't know what independent means, because they referred to Korris, Gladwin and Steel as independent and allowed those people's conflicts of interest to publicly destroy me. There has been no report that includes me and no independent and unbiased report. No apology has been made for the damage and the damage is now a serious threat to my life. 
Bishop Trevor's public upholding of the Jersey Deanery's corruption last year sparked an attack on me that nearly cost both me and Bob Hill our lives and according to Bob Hill, Bishop Trevor knows and doesn't care, hence any belated response hardly being credible. Let me remind you: 

While I am in severe crisis, I cannot take any more lies from the church and if you email again while I am fighting, with no money even for food, to keep a roof over my head, the consequences will be catastrophic, so please don't. Just make sure there is at last an independent report, after three years of Bishop Trevor overseeing and condoning his Jersey Deanery's public and illegal destroyal of me.
Safeguarding? What a joke!  And why are you trying to redeem Bishop Dakin? He should be sacked and he thinks he can save his skin through using me? He is pathetic.
Have any of you any idea of the seriousness of the situation, I am fighting to stay housed and fed, I have no money at all and no access to help, and why am I fighting when the damage the Archbishop and Bishops have done on top of the way I am branded makes my life completely worthless and the continued pretence of response after all these years by the church is catastrophic, because it is all lies, excuses and back covering, which compounds the damage. You are collectively putting my life at risk, it is a collective and collaborated effort, no mistake, and it really must stop and an outside investigation must be carried out.

Answer me this, why would the Bishop of Dover suddenly respond now? Where did you get my email addresses, Sue Bowles? Well you got them from three years of my emails to the crooked Bishop, as he has been known since that laughable showing off in the Jersey press.  So, why ignore me for three years and launch on me along with a load of other eager liars, Dakin, Tilby, Dodds etc, after the Archbishop has dealt me the death blow by showing how corrupt he is by apologizing to the Dean, having met the Dean and his powerful clique and bent to their version of events and never having met with me?!
It gets ridiculous and it gets pathetic, the damage is done to me, the damage is too much for me to heal from now, you know when you see an animal with it's head hanging and you know the kindest thing would be to shoot it? That is how I am, and nothing the Bishops or coverup board says is really relevant. I may well be unable to go on fighting for my life, my back really is broken, but I want an independent report into everything that has happened to me in the church, not least the abuse of power by conflicted members of the Jersey Deanery, and the Bishop of Dover's bullshit will not change that.

Please make sure the following small sample of relevant statements and letters below  reach the independent inquiry when Bishop Willmott wakes up again and remembers to call this inquiry, in three years time? After my shamed, disgraced and branded death?

By the way, Tilby and Dodds, I am sick of this bombardment when you know I am in crisis, and what is it in aid of? Lies and cover-up, not my welfare or a proper response to my complaint.


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