Friday, 24 June 2016

European UNion

In the Second World War, the tiny but spirited nation of ours fought with Great courage and remained free.
And then handed ourselves over, begging to be part of the German European Union.
Because we were being Excluded, and we didn't like it.

Having worked in the farming industry, I know what the European Union has done to us, taken real industry and strangled it and left us on subsidies that are not relevant to the industry but have become something that we depend upon.

Leaving the European Union will sadly not make Britain Great again, they have bled us dry and the UK is a roiling mess, and now with an uncertain future with regards Trade and movement.
I think the vote, narrow as it was, was to do with desparation. There could be no winners either way.
Great Britain, it's history and it's industry and it's pride, is a dry dusty and finished place, and I have no wish to be here, but where am I allowed to go now? Now that I am not in the European Union?

The thing about this referendum is the fighting over it has been so nasty and vicious that it makes me wonder if this world is even worth living in, let alone this country. I have never heard or seen such bigotry and hatred and narrowness, people attacking each other just because they are each exercising their own view, but they don't want others to have a view.

Well, anyway, my concluding truth is that I had no wish to be ruled over by uncaring and unelected people who are basically Germany. The EU already place penalties and regulations on the UK that they do not enforce in other countries. We are still paying for being the UK, for being the country that won the Second World War, and for Charles De Gaulle not liking us.

Great Britain does not have enough industry left to sustain it, we will have to copy the channel islands and have Great Britain Cows, UK Royal Potatoes, corruption and a massive finance industry! :)

The Second World War changed every country that it touched, and the EU has left it's mark on the UK, we will never be what we are, and we are now in a dangerous and unstable situation. I doubt very much that there is a contingency plan. Everyone was too busy attacking each other to think of that.

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