Thursday, 26 May 2016

Releasing the report

Dear IPSO and other recipients including the Editor of the JEP, and Jersey's BBC and ITV who have behaved equally inappropriately and the IPSO review panel as IPSO are not responding quick enough to stop the attacks by the JEP.

The press and media have seen my statement of fact and there is no excuse for the continuing discrediting of me without balancing reports and statements with my side of things. There never has been an excuse.

I attach yet another damaging effort to discredit me, this is a previously mentioned article, written by Andy Sibcy, editor of the Jersey Evening Post, seemingly in response to my complaint, showing that he doesn't believe he and his biased and unprofessional newspaper will be held to account, and showing contempt for my contact and statement of fact.

I would like to make a few points about this article and the Jersey Evening Post.

The onslaught against me by the Jersey Evening Post and Jersey media go against safeguarding, despite the church claiming that this prolonged and relentless attack on my character is about safeguarding. Obviously the Church of England have kind of missed the point regarding the meaning of the word.

During this pitiful revenge reporting by Sibcy, he makes assumptions as to why the Bishop of Winchester is witholding the Steel report. Ignoring the Statement of Fact from me that states that the Bishop is under a court order regarding the Steel report. Sibcy tries to use the witholding of the report to discredit me yet again, as had happened repeatedly, as he tries to say that could be witheld to 'protect' HG, no, it is witheld because it was subject to court proceedings as it is a one-sided whitewash put together by the Jersey Deanery and their States, judiciary and lawyer members, Has Sibcy read or taken my side of things? Either he hasn't or he has and he is only reporting one side of things. Very unprofessional, basically an attack on me.
He also talks about it being witheld as a 'coverup', because as well as discrediting me in his childish, biased and one-sided rant, he is also serving the Jersey Deanery by attacking the Bishop of Winchester,a service that the Jersey press and media have done for the Jersey Deanery alongside attacking me for over three years now. But no sign of Sibcy either acknowledging my side of things or using them to balance his revenge rant.

Upholding the Jersey Deanery he states that they maintain that they haven't done anything wrong and that the Archbishop has stated that safeguarding standards are as high in the Jersey Deanery as elsewhere in the church. So obviously  church safeguarding standards are appallingly low, considering what I have witnessed and experienced, sibcy fails to point out that the repeat one-sided press and media onslaught which incredibly continues to omit that the church have not interviewed me or included me in any reports, is a very serious safeguarding failure and as the Archbishop continues to uphold both the wrongdoing and cover-up in the Jersey church and the one-sided attack on me through and as a result of the press and media, the situation goes beyond just a safeguarding failure and becomes a criminal matter.
Until there is a report into what happened to me in the Jersey Deanery, the Archbishop is not in a position to either uphold the Jersey Deanery or apologize to the Dean and exonorate him, and as yet there has been no report, nothing but one-sided and conflicted whitewashes, but Sibcy is abusing his power and misleading the general public with his assumptions about what the Steel report contains.
Jersey's safeguarding board, who also did a whitewash on behalf of the church, also continue to look on dumbly as this is brought to their attention, although again, a recent report showed their failure as a safeguarding board to be profound. This onslaught with people standing by and allowing it, is a massive and complex safeguarding failure.

Incredibly at the end of his one-sided attack on me and the Bishop of Winchester, Sibcy tries to claim that the failure to release the Steel report isn't fair on me. His blatant act of pushing for the release of this report on behalf of the Jersey Deanery is incredible, the arrogance that he thinks he can act as a mouthpiece for the Jersey Deanery without balancing the story is astounding, the attempt to use me as a push for the Steel report is ludicrous, as most readers of this will have seen from the recent witness statement, and some from receiving the evidence, Heather Steel is conflicted and wrote a whitewash to clear the Dean and discredit me. I took legal action regarding the Steel report, and thus after discrediting me, Sibcy is not in a position to use my name in vain. He also has no right to make assumptions about what is contained in the Steel report in order to further discredit me without justification and stating a source for his statement about what the Steel report contains. 

The question to ask is WHY the Jersey Deanery and their employees of press and media are so desparate for the release of a report that they know is not balanced and is conflicted, why they fight so loudly for this report? Why are they not fighting for me to be included in a report when they know I have been excluded? I would like to see Sibcy print that but for three years he hasn't, maybe his employers in the Church wouldn't like it?

To add to all this, something I have asked again and again as years of attacks on me have gone by, what happens to the voiceless vulnerable when the press and media behave like this on behalf of the church or other overpowerful and corrupt organisations? What happens to those who cannot speak and also cannot write as I do? I was once mute and I learned to write to communicate and now it remains my preferred form of communication but what happens to the voiceless vulnerable? I am of the understanding, from what I have heard from a person in Jersey who will be reading this, that there have been suicides as a result of the Jersey Evening Post and media behaving in this horrible and unjust and unjustifiable and unbalanced way to other vulnerable people who have been mistreated by people of power in Jersey.

My complaint about this behaviour has been being made for a long time, and in the case of the IPSO, Sibcy is behaving as if he expects to be allowed to continue to re-abuse me without action from them, so I will send all the paperwork to the internal review as well, and I will continue action for as long as it takes to prevent the press and media abusing me and others on behalf of the church and related corrupt and dishonest authorities. Constructive murder or manslaughter is the best way of describing this relentless attack as it tears my life apart yet again.

I would also like to remind Sibcy and the IPSO that the continued display of troll and  offensive comments and attacks on Bob Hill who is seriously ill as a result of trying to protect me from these press and media onslaughts by the Jersey Evening Post are not in any way defensible or justifiable. Bob should not have had to defend my life and wellbeing at the cost of his own life as a result of this massive and prolonged safeguarding failure of the church press and media campaign against me, it is vile and unspeakable that the Jersey press and media can stoop this low for this long, inexcusable.

Are the regulators really going to go on allowing these persistent and life-shattering onslaughts against me?

But despite my contact of the press, despite my statement of facts, my side is still not included, which is an indication that what they are doing and have done is not reporting, not broadcasting news, just acting as a political, biased, misleading and foul mouthpiece on behalf of the Church of England who's glaring and profound failure in running a proper safeguarding investigation stands out clearly, waiting for a time when there is proper reporting on it and a proper regulator, proper justice and long overdue independent oversight of the Church of England.

I attach the blatantly biased petty revenge  effort by Sibcy to abuse his power over the press and public and push for the release of a report that is under a court order and on behalf of the Church who he is representing, please rotate the article when you download it, our scanner wouldn't scan it to portrait.
Will the regulators act on this onslaught? Or the next one? Or is this to persist indefinitely?



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