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HG requests the release of the Steel report


Formal Demand to the Bishop of Winchester for a copy of the Steel Report to be released to HG:
Dear Bishop Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester,

In  2014 I took you to court as you had announced to the Jersey Press and Media that you intended to release the conflicted Steel report to a member of the Dean of Jersey's conflicted circle of church-judiciary-States-legal people. You didn't contact me to warn me then, nor did you show any concern for me whatsoever. Your recent pretence of concern and your failure to notify the press that the Steel report is under a court agreement means that you lack credibility.

You had failed to annul the Steel report when you were made aware that she was a member of this conflicted circle mentioned above and was conflicted by her close association with the Jersey Deanery, most notably her colleagues Philip and William Bailhache and Michael Birt. You also failed to arrange an independent interviewer to record my story as requested. Just as you failed to amend the Korris report.

You have also so far failed to provide me with a copy of the Steel report despite being repeatedly asked. Now why would that be? I am sure the Jersey Press and Media can think of many reasons, but none of them excuse you, nor can you excuse yourself. If it is a balanced and fair report and contains my side, why has it not been released to me? Or the court, for that matter, especially as you have stated that you are going to breach the agreement with the court and release it to John Gladwin for his report on behalf of the Jersey Deanery.  Publication or sharing defamation of me with any individual is illegal.

Use of that report in another report, without my consent counts as breach of the court agreement. And why would you release it to Gladwin's report without first giving me a copy and making sure I agree with the content, corrupting another report without question although Gladwin has stated he is also acting on behalf of the Jersey Deanery!

 Your statement implies that you consider the Steel report to be fact, even though you are bound over to release the report to me first and gain my agreement that what is in it is true. You and John Gladwin are going to be in serious trouble if you keep up this harassment.

Gladwin has made it clear on the phone that he unquestioningly supports the Jersey Deanery and their conflicted Steel whitewash, isn't it fascinating just how deep corruption and ignorance in the Church of England runs?  Gladwin is the man who worked with Butler-Sloss in the famous Peter Ball cover-up, and despite Butler-Sloss being discredited and despite her ignoring my plea for help in 2011 and proceeding instead to whitewash with Korris, nothing has yet been done about the Gladwin-Sloss coverup team, although thankfully she was prevented from corrupting the current inquiry into systemic crimes against children by the Church.

And eventually if this onslaught against me continues, that corruption and cruelty will not be contained by the Church buying the press or lawyers or judges or police or any agencies who are supposed to protect the vulnerable but have failed me.

I have already said this, but how do you think attacking and discrediting and smearing a vulnerable and destroyed survivor even remotely relates to safeguarding?  You have removed any credibility or pretence of this matter being about safeguarding as you have severely and persistently harmed me by misleading and stirring up the press for over three years with no thought for my welfare. Each new attack reinforces the fact that this is not about safeguarding.
 Each one-sided whitewash report and each press attack belies any pretence of that. Firstly the church are remorselessly and relentlessly destroying me for no justifiable reason through the one-sided press attacks, and secondly, what does cover-up and dishonesty do for safeguarding? Thirdly, what have the whitewash reports achieved for safeguarding?

Here is my proposal for the release of the Steel report. If it is supposedly about my case, release it to me, as requested repeatedly.

I will release the Steel report, with the help of my supporters. We will read it, we will report any criminal and illegal actions shown up in it, we will counter every paragraph with my unheard and unseen evidence and we will release this to the press and media with laughter, and even if they try to report only one side of things, we will bring this festering pathetic little cover-up out into the open and back into the courts.  Don't you think it's time?

Once the Steel whitewash is public and rubbished publicly as it should be, seeing as you launched this attack on me and have upheld it for over three years, please make sure investigations into the following occur:

  • ·        The abuse and damage I suffered in the Church previous to Jersey
  • ·        Why Jane Fisher actively co-ordinated me being discredited in Jersey over this on behalf of the Dean, my abusers and the Lihous and Warrens.
  • ·        Why no report has been carried out into Jane Fisher's illegal and damaging actions/a report into this
  • ·        What happened to me in Jersey, including the police's henious actions on behalf of the church and all illegal liasons.
  • ·        What happened after Jersey as Scott-Joynt and Fisher acted illegally to cover up and destroy me and drive me and defame me to authorities in illegal liasons
  • ·        Why your reports omit my side of things
  • ·        The damage done to me by you and the press and Jersey deanery and Archbishop and why these years of harm have gone by with no investigations into these things on this list.

Probably a good idea to channel the money being wasted on keeping Gladwin fat and use it for these investigations. 
Gladwin and his colleagues Steel and Butler-Sloss make their livings and abuse their power through their whitewashes.

The whole church of England is shamed by two people who they have destroyed. And no matter how one-sided the press are in reporting on this, that fact remains. Can you imagine Jesus upholding or approving ANY of what has happened, or condoning the way Bob and I have been destroyed? The Church aren't even thinking in terms of Jesus or what He stood for.

Please ensure all copies of the Steel report, the series of redactions and alterations, all material, is sent, and bring this pathetic relentless use of the press for cover-up to an end.

By the way, how will the Jersey Press and Media respond to this if at all? Will they support me in my demand or will ignore my side again or will they print this?

Headline 'HG asks for release of Steel report'

Note that the JEP's bad headlines and bad grammar means they miss the 'The' Out, some of the JEP bad grammar and headlines beggar belief, they probably need an investigation themselves into why their standards are so low. Oh, I know why their standards are so low, their director has taught them to have a bad cigarette in one hand as they type. He's my abuser's brother, you know. The worst Christmas of my life was spent in his fog of cigarette smoke.

No consent is given by me for release of any reports carried out by the Church of England to the public or within the church or within any other report. 


'Je Suis Bob Hill, Je vais me battre jusqu'à ce que je tombe , avec courage'.

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