Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas prayers

Prayers for Christmas:

I will pray for the thing that is most on my mind first. Travel and the weather.
Dear Lord and Father, protect us all as we travel in this weather, especially those heading to friends and family now, and those of us working and going to midnight services tonight while others may have been drinking and the roads are so wet. Amen

I pray for all those who will be celebrating Christmas with alcohol, that they stay warm, well and safe. Amen

I pray for all people in povery or alone this Christmas, I will never forget my years with nothing at Christmas and worse, when friends made excuses and turned away. I pray for some hope for those people, for others to reach out with kindness, I pray that everyone has food and more than usual and hope and help and kindness. God bless them, amen.

I pray for any child without presents, that from somewhere, gifts will come. Amen

I pray for any child or adult who is facing a miserable christmas due to abuse or neglect, for freedom and hope. Amen

I pray especially for the homeless, the rough sleepers who have two choices if they are sleeping rough and can't access any shelter while everything is closed, they can walk and walk or they can sit in a blanket and try to keep warm. Neither are comfortable options. And the homeless in hostels or staying with others or squatting, not really home, guests where the rules hurt and where Christmas isn't a real joy. And especially families with Children. I remember and never forget, that I have lived like this. God help them. Amen

I pray for anyone struggling for electricity or warmth this Christmas, God help them. Amen
I pray for everyone who has been supporting me this year as the Church and States of Jersey continue to destroy me unchecked. Especial blessings on the Lantern bearer who helped me to walk through the dark and back into the light. It isn't over yet. Amen

I pray for Bishop Dakin in the wake of his recent open homophobia that adds to his crimes against me, I pray that he both repents and realises that he is not a Christian leader and thus steps down. 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone'. Amen
On that note I pray for the Archbishop in the same way, as his recent use of homelessness as a Church Press Stunt when he and his church left me homeless and destroyed is very distressing. God send the homeless to live in Lambeth Palace and see if the Archbishop is capable of genuinely caring, Amen.
 And also I pray for Jane Fisher in life after safeguarding, to destroy me as she did, mercilessly and permenantly, she can't be a very happy lady, so I pray that she feels happy one day. Amen
 I pray for a revolution so that the invincible power in the Church of England is challenged and exposed, and people ask why a 'Christian' organization is able to be a law unto themselves and deceive and mislead the public and abuse the vulnerable so badly.  In Jesus' Name, Amen

I pray for Bob and Ann Hill and family, I pray that Bob regains his voice. 
'she has no voice, I speak for her'.

I pray for my friends, especially those I will see tomorrow at Church and for Christmas Day, and on Monday. And I pray for my beloved adoptive parents who have been amazing and wonderful and there for me every step of the way, I wouldn't have made it without you. God bless you, amen.

I pray for my work colleagues and customers, especially those I am parting company with in the New Year, I pray that my decision turns out good, and that if I have a chance, I will rejoin them later. Amen

I pray for my therapist, God give him patience! :) I pray that we can continue productive and helpful work in the New Year. Amen

I pray for the lady who lost her job for feeding a hungry school pupil. I pray that her kindness is rewarded. Amen

God help and bless everyone. Amen



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