Thursday, 12 November 2015

Obituary to Sir Philip Bailhache

Dear Sir Philip,

The mainstream obituaries will read out all the nice things, won't they? Especially BBC Jersey and the JEP, who will make you out to be a great visionary leader.

But I am one of a number of people you have harmed with your self-obsessed power-hungry crusades that have gone on for decades.

My obituary to you could be summed up in a few words, for example 'paedophile protector',
'above the law' 'feudal lord', 'control freak' and other simple terms.

You aren't a nice person and I am amazed that you really genuinely appear to consider yourself to be a Christian while behaving as you have.
'Delusional' and 'Hubris' are two more short ways of remembering you.

You may think you are a Christian but do you really doubt the fact that you are going to hell when you die? God isn't someone you can bribe, bully or otherwise manipulate to think your way or do things your way.

Philip Bailhache, gone, as soon as possible please, and good riddance. Leaves behind him a broken marriage or two despite holding church positions, and leaves behind him a trashed and ruined island of Jersey, we pray that he rests in hell and his brother follows him shortly.

This obituary may sound a bit nasty, but have you ever been on the receiving end of this man's terrible remorseless attacks?

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