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First letter in most recent BBC Jersey complaint

Note, this post contains references to the first few posts on Bob Hill's Jersey blog's most recent posting. Bob's blog is available here: 
 Dear Mr Wallace,
As discussed on the phone, I am known legally as JayJay, this is a name that can be used in correspondence without putting me at risk from harm, I am also known as HG, which is also acceptable.
This is my email address which BBC Jersey used to contact me this morning. Thus your claim that you had not details to go on is incorrect. Also as managing editor, do you really not know why Mike Weir emailed me? It appears that the email was sent yesterday but arrived in my inbox today, which is not an excuse for continued one-sided attacks on me through misleading and one-sided broadcasts.
You can't really make excuses any more, this damage to me has been very proud and blatant by BBC Jersey and it's misleading of the public in making me look like someone and something I am not and encouraging clamour for the conflicted Steel report is harassment. I am accepting that you are new to this but also making you responsible for unprofessional misrepresentation of me and my case, you became responsible for the content of BBC Jersey as soon as you took over.

At the bottom of this email  is some of the evidence that BBC Jersey have acted with bias and published nasty and untrue things, these are other people making these nasty and untrue comments.
Why would BBC actually read out comments about me from a stranger's facebook page that are opinion and not fact?
Why have BBC Jersey supported Philip Bailhache's recent campaign to force the release of the Steel report without at any point giving the side of things that the Steel report is conflicted? And why has the recent attack been so very blatant and intense?
BBC Jersey have spent years doing this.
This evidence is from Bob Hill's blog and I am puzzled that your understanding of what I was explaining to you was so limited that you were trying to say I was trying to make BBC Jersey liable for Bob's blog, what I was saying was that these comment are evidence that BBC Jersey are acting in a harmful and biased and very unprofessional way, broadcasting comments from a stranger on facebook?! Broadcasting only the other side of the story and leaving me defamed?
You claim it is not defamation, but the fact is, the reality is, I am identifiable enough to have been traced and named as a result of these things, I am identifiable enough on a small island to be known and for people to know who is being vilified, I lived, worked and worshipped in that small community and both Philip Bailhache and the JEP have publicised my name, and believe me, you can claim I am not suffering or not affected by this but I very much am.
And BBC Jersey have been asked repeatedly to stop this one-sided poor and unprofessional reporting. By phone and by email.
I do not believe that you can have been unaware of this matter and I am dismayed that you started off by talking over me and making excuses. I do hope that you can put a stop to this matter and as I said, if BBC Jersey really would like an interview as you suggested, and that is certainly possible, I would like a public apology and a redaction of the misleading information aired in the last few weeks, a redaction that makes it quite clear to the people who have maligned me that my wish for the non-publication of the Steel report is not to do with having something to hide but to do with Dame Steel being conflicted and taking part invilifying me for her colleagues such as Philip Bailhache, who is conflicted by his roles in States, law, judiciary and church and who engineered the Steel report himself with Steel. Also the implication that I was a vagrant in Jersey and other assumptions and allegations.
I lodged and worked in Jersey, and was abused, I reported abuse and was basically destroyed by the same circle of conflicted church-states-lawyer-judiciary members who are demanding the Steel report, I was left on the streets of the UK suffering severe post traumatic stress and unable to live indoors as I was destitute and profoundly damaged.
I have not fully recovered and BBC Jersey along with the JEP, misreporting my case is destroying me over again.
I will respect the fact that you say you are new and don't really know about this matter, I will give you the benefit of the doubt over it and I will continue to send information as and when I can, this matter has taken up my whole afternoon and is the second afternoon I have spent fighting for my privacy, dignity and life within the past week, the other afternoon ruined my exam revision and thus ruined my exam.
I have heard you argue about this and talk over me and try to change what I have had to say, but reality is, when a radio station are persistently and severely disrupting someone's life like this, especially a vulnerable person's life which she is trying to rebuild while already suffering severe trauma, it is a very serious matter, it is a safeguarding matter and it is a harassment matter, even if I can imagine you arguing that and talking over me as i write this

You have asked for more detail and I will start to provide that in due course, also cc the authorities due to the seriousness that this has esculated to, but I am ill and disabled and also working and studying full time, so it will take time.

These emails are being forwarded to relevant bodies as this has become a serious safeguarding and harassment issue.
These are evidences of BBC Jersey's attacks on me which have been recounted by commenters on Bob Hill's Jersey blog today:


If I was HG I would be complaining about BBC radio jersey's broadcast this morning. they read out an inaccurate comment from a blatantly fake Facebook profile. This won't bother the BBC who as an institution protect abusers (Savile). Why would the BBC read out any comment attacking an abuse victim whether the account was fake or no?

HG please complain to the BBC for allowing an attack on you. Here is what was left on the BBC Facebook page from the fake account and what was read out on air.

"Doug Faircross
Today at 08:25
Has Bob Hill got nothing better to do for Jersey people, his ex Parishioners perhaps, instead of pushing for even more of our taxpayers money to be spent on that woman, who was not local, lived rough and has a history of similar conflicts with the church in the UK. She had also stated (according to Bob Hill previously) that she wanted the whole thing dropped."


  1. Hi Bob,
    On the money as usual.

    Off subject but I would like blog readers to note that there is an issue on sites when the number of comments exceeds 200

    VFC's last posting is still live and is still receiving comments (over 200!) but due to the blogspot issue the #200+ comments do not display UNLESS the reader clicks on the little bit of text saying "Load more..." right at the end of the automatically displayed comments.

    Clicking on my "name" above will take the reader to the full VFC posting including ALL comments.

    The link is

    Thank you in advance.

    p.s."Doug Faircross" should be ashamed of "itself"
  2. Re the comment at 1237.
    I was returning home from the BBC when I heard the comment on my car radio. I was surprised that that BBC read the message because it was a blatant attack on HG. Any cost was down to the Dean as she was fully employed in Jersey until at the behest of the Dean she was arrested and whilst at the Police Station the tax payer had to pay for 5 visits for the doctor whilst she was held in custody The tax payer also had to pay for the 14 days she was held at La Moye and the plane fare when she was deported from Jersey.

    Sadly the message also showed that there is still a racist element in Jersey

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